Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan MoFo: White Beans, 3 Ways

I am interrupting my vacation stories to finish this post I started before I left. In my continuing effort to cook more frugally - and to...well...cook at is what I did one week with a bag of Great Northern Beans from Wal-Mart:

First night: White Bean and Kale Enchiladas

homemade enchilada sauce (tomato paste, water, chili powder, garlic, other spices, organic cornstarch), beans, thawed frozen kale, Daiya, organic corn tortilla shells

roll 'em up, cover with more Daiya and bake

served with romaine on the side

Second night: White Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers
food process whole cooked sweet potato,
whole wheat bread crumbs, sesame seeds, beans
I wrote down the quantities, but as usual, have misplaced it. These particular ingredients, though, make a great patty that cooks up nicely and evenly in a skillet.

Third night: White Bean Chili

I had intended to make Heather's (from Where's the Beach?) Spicy White Chili, then I discovered I was out of some of the ingredients, including vegetable stock. I used her white beans and soy chik'n as inspiration, though. I mixed pasta sauce with water and spices for the base, then added the beans, sauteed Gardein Buffalo Wings (plain without using the sauce), and sauteed spinach.

Don't think any of us were sick of white beans. The dishes were so different, we weren't at all. In fact, my daughter woke up one morning and asked for "beans with ketchup" (with the small amount of beans that were leftover) for breakfast.

Breakfast is served.


  1. Those enchiladas are look so good! I love all the different dishes with one main ingredient! And beans and ketchup for breakfast sounds good to me! I love beans on toast!

  2. Ok, pardon my bad grammar! "I are type too fast!" :D

  3. thats hardcore, beans for breakfast.

    i was just trying to make enchilada sauce yesterday. i like your method, and the fact that you wre making your own gives me confidence.

    do you ever put wheat gluten in your burgers?

  4. She seems like one of us with those beans and ketchup. I just ate a bean sandwich yesterday with ketchup.

  5. Way to stretch that bag of beans. I like mine with ketchup too.

    Oh Daiya, I need to get stock in that company. Good stuff.

  6. I love enchiladas - and yours look really good! :) I wish Daiya was available here, as it melts better than any vegan cheese I can find in the stores.

  7. Everything looks great. I love white beans - one of my fave beans I think. Your chili sounds pretty tasty to me! Thanks so much for the mention ;-)

  8. I never heard of beans with ketchup. It's so great that she got the breakfast she wanted. I see MREs in her future.

  9. So, it's really white beans four ways, right? :-) Our kids love beans with ketchup,too, and sometimes so do I. But, my husband just scratches his head over it. Your burgers especially look great, like they really held their shape. I think that's my biggest complaint with homemade burgers. Yours look like a real success story. Welcome back!

  10. What a cutie at the end! I love you recipes. Very creative way to get your protein on! :D

  11. You are eating white beans like I have been eating chickpeas lately - I love their versatility!

    I have some leftover sweet potatoes, I might try making them into burgers. I bet I can figure out some proportions on my own - yours did indeed look like they held together really well!

  12. Oh wow, those burgers look really interesting! I always want to try to make my own but never do. These seem simple enough. Thanks!

  13. You won a case of Larabars through my giveaway! I need your mailing info ASAP!

  14. I love the idea of the burgers. Will make them soon. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Ummm, those enchiladas look so awesome! I want some right now :) Why do I never have white beans? I'm not sure I've ever bought them.