Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Coconut Water Sorbet

Here's a quick review of So Delicious Coconut Water Sorbet:

We have recently tried it a few times, and we like it. It's a fun change to coconut milk ice cream that we usually get. (And we don't get any of it regularly - only for a special treat or if it's on sale.) I'm actually not a big ice cream/sorbet eater myself; I like an occasional cone with chocolate, but that's it. It's Ryan and the kids who wish it could be in our freezer at any given moment.

I had really wanted to like coconut water. So many people have raved about it. I have tried it a couple of times, but I didn't care for it. I like it in the sorbet, though. The lemon flavor was very, very tart/sour, though; I don't think I could eat a lot of that one straight up.

Coconut Water Sorbet banana split, perhaps? I bought a pint each of lemon, raspberry, and mango flavors and made these for the kids.

Our only complaint about this product is the melting speed. You have to eat it a little quicker than other "ice-cream."

I made these little dishes for the kids while we were studying China because I think (right?) mango is popular in Asia. I added real frozen pieces of mango (Frozen mango is one of the kids' - and Ryan's - favorite snacks.).

The mango sorbet taste reminds me of the Schwan's orange push-ups we got when we (my siblings and I) were little. (Did you have a Schwan's man and get so excited when you'd see the truck pull into your driveway? We'd be yelling, "Schwan's man's here!" Isn't that quite a concept when you think about it? I don't think we ever knew when he was going to come. But then he'd come, and we always ordered something. I'm thinking now about how fascinating - and dangerous - it would be to have a vegan Schwan's man visit my house...)

Here are the ingredients to the mango version, if you are curious:

Organic Coconut Water, Mango Puree, Organic Pear Juice from concentrate, Organic Apple Juice from concentrate, Organic tapioca syrup, chicory root extract, natural flavors, carob bean gum, guar gum, ascorbic acid, and annatto.


  1. Very neat, I actually love drinking coconut water. And mango is popular in the Philippines. They have very sweet mangos that are different from the Brazil mangos my supermarket usually has.

  2. I looove coconut water! Haven't tried this stuff, though - maybe I just need to come up with a homemade, raw version ;)

    We totally had a Schwan's man! He delivered my mom's biweekly half gallon of mint chip ice cream, heh.

  3. Those sorbet sundaes are so gorgeous and colorful...great combo of flavors, colors, and fruits!

    Oh man, I would love to be a vegan popsicle truck lady...I think a career change is in order! What a very cool thought.

    We didn't have a Schwan's man, ours were called simply "Joe" the popsicle man (now that I think of it, they were always guys too)...whenever we heard the music, we'd hop on our bikes and hunt him down by ear...good times!

  4. I haven't even seen that on the market yet. I love sorbet but its usually loaded with sugar. This seems like a healthier option.

  5. Ooh, frozen mango sounds really good.. And that way I can eat more of it year-round.
    I love Coconut Water but I haven't noticed this sorbet around. I'm not much of an ice cream/cold treats eater either but this sounds pretty tasty, actually.

  6. I haven't tried the sorbet. Yum. Jason LOVES mangos so that'd be right up his alley for sure.

  7. I bought the lemon one; and while I liked it at first; it was too...acidic to eat after a few bites. I felt guilty about throwing it away; but I did.

  8. Amber Shea, we were always chocolate gallon and push-ups orderers.

    Fun memory, Rose! It would be really fun to drive a (vegan) icecream/popsicle truck.

    KV, you're so right about the lemon. It was really, really sour; I edited my post!

  9. I haven't tried coconut water yet, but want too very soon.
    Oh...I used to love for the Schwan's truck to come by. I loved getting ice cream from them!
    The mango sorbet sounds awesome!

  10. Haha! We had Bungalow Bar and Good Humour, but not Schwann's when I was growing up. We'd all get very excited and shout "Bungalow Bar!" or "Good Humour Man!" whenever either of them came down our street! It's actually a dream of mine to own a vegan ice cream truck!

    The only bottled coconut water I've found that I like is Real Coconut Water by Taste Nirvana. It tastes very sweet, even though they don't add any sugar. (They say that they get their coconuts from a province in Thailand where the coconuts grow bigger and sweeter!)

    I love So Delicious coconut water sorbet. The hibiscus is my favorite flavor. Your sorbet split is gorgeous, and the mango bowls are adorable!

  11. I think I read that mango is the most popular fruit in the world. I believe it - and I know they ate lots of them on Lost. I've never tried coconut water sorbet. I'm on the fence about coconut water. I haven't seen the sorbet, but I would be interested in trying it.

  12. We live near a Schwann's distribution center, so I see their trucks frequently (sometimes in our next-door neighbor's driveway). I didn't know they sold food without pre-ordering.