Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Monkey!

I got accused of being a tease on my previous short post. This one may be overload. This month, my baby boy turned ONE so bear with me and all of my pics. I can't believe it. That's what we parents always say as our kids grow. It's true, though. I can't believe it has been a year. The infant stage of life is entirely too short for me. I wish the baby stage lasted 2 or 3 years. 

Sock Monkey theme, obviously. I went "shopping" at my parents' house for antiques to use, like this old potato crate, books, and lantern. 

painted paper mache letter: Hobby Lobby 
organic cotton stuffed monkey: 
Heidi's shop at Etsy

birthday printables: Cupcake Express at Etsy
 decoupaged paper mache 1: Hobby Lobby
old wooden Coca-Cola box: my parents

mixed nuts, olives, crackers, carrots, hummus, fruit, pasta, Smiley Face fries, tater tots, soy nuggets, Gardein strips, chips, salsa, PB & J sandwiches, banana chips, and banana mini-muffins

I Love Monkey by Suzanne Kaufmann 
is a cute book about being yourself.

Dr. Oetker Organics brand
cake and frosting mixes

t-shirt: this Etsy shop
He really didn't know what to think about having a cupcake. Upon examining it, he thought it was weird and seemed to wonder if he was really supposed to eat it. He figured it out, though, and wanted to share with everyone. He didn't make a huge typical 1st birthday mess as it was just a little cupcake...

however, his little pal didn't seem to have any trouble.

Every monkey party needs to end with banana splits, of course.

We had Rice Dream, Almond Dream, So Delicious soy and So Delicious coconut milk ice cream (added with bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, crushed pineapple, nut topping, sprinkles, cherries, and Soyatoo) to choose from. One non-vegan family preferred the Almond Dream, and I think one family preferred the coconut.

He did also enjoy a few bites of ice cream.

lots of sweet help opening presents

I love you, my ONE-derful little man who has brought so much joy to my life. Every day with you is fun. (Slower and more difficult, etc., but I smile and laugh so much every single day because of you.) I love that you love it when we squeeze you into a group hug. I love how you've recently been hugging your brothers and sister around the neck tightly when we tell you to give them a hug. I love how fast you army crawl toward Daddy as soon as you see he's home. I don't like how you make a face and spit out pieces of steamed veggies, but we'll work on it! I secretly love how you can be screaming inconsolably with someone else, then the moment I enter the room and pick you up, there's silence - and you sometimes even giggle through your tears because you're so happy. I love your comb-over, and I promise I'll figure out a way to style it soon. I pray for peace and goodness and all wonderful things for you. Happy birthday!

*Thank you to my photographer friend/party guest Sarah who let me use her camera at the party and took a lot of the pics for me!