Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vegan MoFo: the one where I got an award

I got an award! To accept this award, I need to list 7 strange or obscure facts about myself. I received this award from Michelle, who has a great list. She's indeed strange (in a good way!)...I mean, she has a duck...and a pig. And other things just running and flying around her house. And she wants to get a moped for her and her husband, with a sidecar for her duck. She is altogether endearing for more reasons than just her choice of pets.

So this is what she said about me: a vegan girl with a VEGAN husband!!! if not for anything else, go check out her won't be disappointed. i think she is raising her kids vegan also, so that's neat to read about. i enjoy her sense of humor. :)

She's totally after my husband. And then it suddenly dawned on me, as I was looking back through her blog...our husbands are very similar looking. We apparently must have the same taste. Which is funny because she and I aren't exactly opposite-looking either.

I'm really happy for my husband when he gets female attention. I think he's a babe, and it's good for people to receive positive feedback, ya know? He doesn't think he's a babe...especially since the declination of his hair. (Bless his heart...that "bless your heart" was especially for you, Michelle.)

So I hearby dedicate this award to my herbivore husband. Ryan.

And his hair.

God rest its soul.

Did you come by my blog to read about food today? I apologize for the shift in conversation. Here are a couple of food pictures to tide you over.

Here is the salad I had for supper one night this week: greens, chickpeas, zucchini, quinoa, carrot strips, celery strips, grated beets, and pumpkin seeds. For the dressing, I used a mixture of vegan caesar (light on this) and salsa.

And "What little piece of vegan heaven is that?" you might be'll have to come back tomorrow to find out.

Onto my list (maybe not all strange but hopefully a little bit interesting):

1. The coolest places I've ever visited are the Egyptian pyramids and the biblical holy land spots in Jerusalem.

2. I've actually peed on the Sinai desert. I couldn't hold it any longer, and...we were in the desert. I had to pee so bad I was actually crying. I ran off the bus to the desert, and a group of girls followed me because I think they had to pee (urinate? which is better to say?), too, or just wanted to protect me out in the wild or something. I was so annoyed that they came with me because I like to have a little privacy. So I got stage fright and couldn't go; it just wouldn't come out. I got back on the bus, nearly panicked at this point, wondering if I could die from holding it in that long. Fortunately, the bus made another stop after awhile, at a check-point or something, and I immediately darted back off for a sec on my own.

3. I left my friends (including my date) at a Nelson concert in highschool to sneak through the crowd toward the stage. I touched one of their hands.

Here's a picture of them, in case any of you young ones don't know who I'm talking about. I'm sure they were much cooler, you know - dressed much cooler, posing much cooler - the night I saw them...or else I couldn't possibly have been screaming as loud or as long as I was...right?

4. I stuck a raisin up my nose when I was really young, and my mom had to take me to the doctor to get it removed. I still remember the shine of the light in my eyes and the doctor looking down over me.

5. I don't like the taste of alcohol. At all. I've never had more than a few sips at a time. I can't really understand how so many people enjoy it. I sometimes think everyone must be pretending to like it because of peer pressure. :) Don't even get me started about coffee; blech. I occasionally do wish I enjoyed these liquids; I feel like I'm missing out on this big party going on.

6. I sometimes believe (Okay, I don't really believe this; my behavior just seems to indicate that I believe this.) that inanimate objects have feelings. I often turn a stuffed animal upside down because I think it can't breathe. Or if I choose the second jar of pasta sauce in the store, I'm afraid I hurt the first jar's feelings. Please don't stop reading my blog.

7. I went to the same high school as Don Johnson. Not at the same time, of course. But he's related to practically all of my friends in some way and comes back regularly to visit. Maybe more impressive than that: Brad Pitt grew up in our nearby town, the "bigger" town in our area, where we hung out. And I think...deep down, I know we could have been friends had we met. I think we would have connected. I just KNOW it. I can feel it.

I was going to pass this award on to blogs I've newly discovered through Vegan MoFo...but it was really too hard to narrow it down. And I wouldn't want to leave anyone out and hurt anyone's feelings...I mean, did you read the part where I can't even hurt inanimate objects' feelings? If you are reading this right now, that means you're one of my favorite bloggers (of course) so consider yourself awarded. I would love for you to post 7 obscure facts about yourself.

gratuitous vegan husband parting shot


  1. omgosh! i didnt want to say our men looked the same for might not think so.... i love them bald! hair is soooo unnecesary and and encumbrance to hot-y-ness.... the omg was for..."wow i cant believe i have friends that ADMIT that they know me"...thanks for reminding me of the loser things i write...i thought we were friends.

    number five, so with ya! i dont get it. some people like it though. wine i have tried before, like you a sip here and there. sometimes i feel like im missing out also.buuut that doesnt last long. i am SURE there is nothing wrong with US.....

    peeing is better than..the other word...*shudders*

    love the "parting shot" raisen girl, and i totally get the hurt feelings bit(#6)...i was about to say raisen-face but thought it might have been to harsh.. you are so fun!!thanks for thinking we look alike. maybe if i had cheekbones that you could SEE like yours i could

  2. Jenny,
    I think you might as well just keep posting pics of your husband and forget about the food. Not that the food isn't delicious looking, but ... well ...

    And definitely contact Brad Pitt, and tell him everything you've told us. I'm sure he'll want to be friends, too. :D

    Great list! It was really fun to read. And do post the recipe you promised for tomorrow.

  3. Ryan was just staring longily at his hair, and I told him I didn't think I'd want him to have hair again...that it's a tough call because I fell in love (awww) with him when he had hair...but that I think I like "this Ryan" better now. It fits him. I'm glad you agree.

    And - uh yeah! I showed Ryan the pics of your husband, and he leaned in closely at one, and said, "IS that me?"

    And you know I was just kidding about you being strange! I love all of that stuff. I love that you have a wide variety of animals.

  4. Great list! I have to say, I think I'm too old to know who the Nelsons are...either that or I'm terribly out of touch...probably both. I'm totally with you on the inanimate object thing...sometimes I feel sorry for my work computer, which I hate because its so slow, but then I think: "poor little guy is doing his best"...

    I kind of wish you were actually able to pee in the dessert, and your husband looks like a movie star.

    I agree that Michelle is completely endearing! I'm smitten.

  5. Andrea, ha!! You made me smile. :)

    And by the way, for those of you just joining in, Ryan is wearing his pirate Halloween costume. That's not his normal gear.

  6. Rose, I did pee in the desert; it was just in a different spot. That Nelson concert was around 1991 maybe? You probably aren't too old; they were probably just not as big as I thought they were. Come on, "After the Rain"? "Can't Live Without Your Love and Affection?" Ring a bell? Oh, maybe you're from their Dad's generation - Ricky Nelson. ;) That's funny about your computer; I've apologized to my things before, too.

  7. Great list! And I sometimes call inanimate objects he or she, lol so you're not too alone! I love the part about peeing in the Sinai desert! And how awesome to have seen the pyramids!

  8. Your hubby is a babe! Show him off! And herbivore too. Lucky you. Even if he did wear pirate gear all the time it would work for him.

    I sometimes think stuffed animals have feelings. I try not to neglect mine too long (I still have one from when I was 8). I don't feel as much for jars of spaghetti but sometimes for veggies. Not enough to not chop them up though.

  9. Who among us didn't well up during "Castaway" with Tom Hanks when "Wilson" (the volleyball-turned-best-friend) drifted away and out of reach? "Come back, Wilson!!!". That scene chokes me up every time!

  10. Oh I so loved Nelson. Mostly their hair. Ugh. Not so attractive when I look at it now! I thought I might be the only person on earth who knew who they were!
    Very jealous of your visit to the pyramids. And my son stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose, but we managed to get it out at home. I never understood why someone would do that, and I still don't, but now I KNOW for a fact that it happens...

  11. aw you prob hurt his feelings!!"is that me" aw man poor thing. my husband was looking at YOUR husband when i showed him your sweet post. how funny:) its like little kids you are trying to introduce. how was it eating veg in Egypt? lucky thing!

    my husband was about to put on pirate gear since he saw yours in it...thanks for setting the record straight...


  12. Too funny. Love the list. I've peed behind a cop car at a police station in downtown Atlanta ;-)

    Oh, another veggie option here apparently it's a veggie food truck:

  13. The cherry danish and your hubby look equally delicious. Keep posting these tantalizing pics and your site might be blocked at my work;-)

  14. Your husband is a handsome fellow. I like to get compliments on my husband, too, but when I've posted photos I got more compliments on my brother than my man. Funny, 'cause I think my brother looks like my dad.

    Tomorrow's treat does look good - is it sweet and berry? Or ketchup? Who knows, yet, besides you!

  15. No klew as to who Hudson or whatever is, and I am really old. Perhaps too old. They're a bit creepy, IMO. Anyway, in my opinion, your husband is hot with/without hair. Um, so's your salad, and that other thing...Also, I get where you're coming from re pee. Even now, sometimes when I'm in the washroom at work and there's some senior person in the stall next to me, I just...can't...go...gah! With my equals, however, I can pee anywhere, I'm pleased to report.

  16. I LOVED reading this! You are a riot! I often personify inanimate objects too...and non-objects. For example, for as long as I can remember, I've known the colors and personalities of numbers 1 through 9. Like, 4 is green, she's a girl, and she reads a lot and keeps to herself, while her yellow sister 6 is more playful, and green big sister 9 takes care of the lot, especially precocious little red 2, and she has to make her blue brother 7 behave and not be a bully to the others, which red brother 8 should do but he's never home...I SWEAR I didn't "decide" this, I just "know" it. Um, please keep reading MY blog?...

  17. Btw, you weren't kidding about your husband being a babe! :P

  18. WOW! I wish I had seen this post before I met Ryan. THE HAIR!!!

  19. I came for dirty duck, but I'm staying for the odd things about you. Imagine a million Israelites all getting stage fright and holding it for forty years ... *imagining it right now and laughing*

    I got startled when I saw your husband, because Oh my god, I dated that boy! but no, because the boy I dated would be so old he's probably dead.