Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a Hungry, Pregnant, Vegan Momma Ate Today

Breakfast: Cereal (mix of Puffed Millet, Nature's Path Whole O's & Flax Plus) with chopped walnuts, almond milk, and 1/2 of a banana, chopped

Snack: A couple of slices of Dr. Cow cheese and a few chunks of fresh pineapple

Lunch: Thai Salad from Matthew Kenney's everyday raw. It basically consists of lettuce, avocado, bell peppers, pineapple, cashews (with spices added), coconut, tomatoes (I used fresh, rather than sun-dried.), and Thai dressing (recipe also in the book). I shared this with my son.

Snack: handful of carrot sticks and a few Brazil nuts

Supper: Salad with romaine, baby romaine, Swiss chard, grated squash, tomatoes, and garlic stuffed olives. I also melted Daiya on top of some leftover Mango BBQ Beans (from Appetite for Reduction), then slid that whole thing right onto my salad. Bwahaha. So good. Topped with some Guacamame (edamame guacamole, also from AfR).


The kids are always begging me to let them make a meal. Well, it's really sweet and wonderful, and I try to let them learn by doing as much as possible...but sometimes I just need to hurry, and sometimes I don't feel like eating exactly what they're making...and things like that.

This is a meal they prepared for us all once, about 6 months ago. It basically consisted of salad (lettuce with whole baby carrots), crostinis with melted Daiya and some olives and grape tomatoes thrown in there, and some pan fried tofu. We ate it. Every last, dry, loving bite of it.

Well, today they really wanted to make something. I told them I was too super busy to help, but they could make something by themselves. All I did was write down the recipe, open the can of garbanzos, pull out the appropriate measuring cups and spoons and pretty much left them to it.

Part of the reason they like to cook is that they like to play restaurant and serve one another. They take turns putting on the chef hats and aprons and taking the order of someone at the table. This was what they served: Bagel Crisps with hummus, rice cheese, bits of lettuce, and mustard. (There was an enormous, unfortunate amount of mustard on a couple of the ones the boys made for their sister; those went uneaten.) I tried a bite of their hummus (plain); it was good!


Really fun giveaway (think: free vegan food) hopefully going up tomorrow! Get excited!


  1. I love the look of the Thai salad. I think it's great that your kids enjoy cooking — and that you let them do it! One day they will be really good chefs, and will cook wonderful things for you. Trust me.

  2. So cute to see kids cooking :-).
    In regard to your question, I answered on the Vegan Blog, but I copy here just in case:
    I just peel the ginger root and then put it in in pieces with the other fruits and vegetables. you only need a little bit :-).

  3. BBQ Mango Beans??? YUM. Love that they play restaurant. I think it's great when kids enjoy being in the kitchen. My nephew loves to help my sis cook.

  4. I love those Mango BBQ beans & i think it's awesome that your kids want to cook.

  5. That photo of the kids cooking is adorable!

    Thanks for your comment on the mayo on my blog. I've never used powdered so I can't say for sure. If there is a usual way to sub it, then probably. Sorry I'm not more help!

  6. I love that your kids want to make meals!
    The Thai salad sounds soooo good, actually everything looks wonderful!

  7. It all looks and sounds so good and healthy. Those salads look like taste bombs!

    It's great you're kids are learning to cook. I think that when kids grow up eating delicious home-cooked food, it sparks their interest in learning to do it themselves. A invaluable life skill.

  8. Play-Doh. Might want to research it.

  9. How sweet of your kids! You better get used to mustard and whole baby carrots if you're going to be convalescing after the baby comes ;)
    That salad looks like a serious salad; I love it!
    Also, I've heard Dr. Cow is amazing. Yes? What flavor was it?

  10. Andrea, I hope so! I'm taking your word for it. Fun stuff to look forward to.

    Alessandra, thanks for the info!

    Heather, they're so good. I love the mango/bean combination. However, I didn't use even all of the red pepper flakes it called for, and it was suuuper spicy.

    vegan in brighton, they're good, aren't they? thank you!

    Tami, thanks! I will look it up to see if liquid and powdered lecithin are interchangeable.

    Michelle, thank you very much! And, even the bagel crisps?

    Rose, you always have important insight and sweet thoughts. They really were very tasty.

    Shen, yeah, yeah. I think my kids are a little too cultured to be entertained by mere Play-Doh. Just kidding. I also have to "eat" plenty of clay muffins, etc., too.

    Maud, yeah, you're probably right! It was the aged cashew. I really loved it. It's tiny and expensive, but I am hooked on the taste. But I've heard you either love it or don't.

  11. That salad looks yummy! I am a fan of the Dr. Cow cheese. It's super good.

  12. That Thai salad does look amazing and so did you dinner salad! I think I need you to give me some recommendations for some vegan cookbooks that a non vegan would still like.

  13. your kids made hummus? send them over here, i want some! lucky you. you deserve to be doted on, pregnant mamma.

  14. Love that they play restaurant. I think it's great when kids enjoy being in the kitchen. My nephew loves to help my sis cook.