Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another NYC post: Cafe Blossom

This was the second time Ryan and I had eaten at Cafe Blossom in NYC (first time here). It is a part of a group of restaurants (including Blossom, V-Note, Cocoa V, and Blossom Du Jour) from the same creator. Cafe Blossom is located on the Upper West Side and definitely worth a visit.

Zucchini Linguini (raw, gluten-free)

My oldest son ordered this. It was a huge mound of food. Only the few of you who know him personally will understand the glee of this appreciative kid when they set this plate in front of him.

It's like we never feed the kid.

Southern Seitan Sandwich

Ryan ordered the sandwich, and I don't remember exactly what this was. Nothing is ringing a bell on the menu; maybe it was a special. I don't feel like I need to say a lot about the food individually, anyway, other than it was ALL GOOD and GO if you ever get the chance. They are all vegan plus very organic, and the raw and gluten free options are marked on the menu. The atmosphere is very nice, and the restaurant is dimly lit at night, which I personally like. It feels elegant, yet it's not so quiet inside that you feel like you can't bring your kids.

Shakes for the walk/ride home!

Did you happen to see the abcnews story on Bill Clinton going vegan? The restaurant briefly showed in that video was Cafe Blossom.

from their website


  1. Man, it sure looks like you guys did it up right in NYC. Jealous!

  2. Oh I think I would have licked that plate. YUM. Is that a basil pesto? I have SOOOO much basil right now I feel obligated to use.

  3. I'm sitting in my cube at work feeling jealous of a 10-year-old. This is pathetic.

  4. Hey you, there's an award for you on my blog ;)

  5. I have to come over for a meal just so I can watch your oldest boy eat. What a cutie! He devoured that meal--that is my kinda kid :)

  6. Wow, after seeing your food pics I'm convinced that I need to go to Blossom when I next visit NYC.

  7. Never can say enough about how your son eats! Such a good job.

  8. I think he gets that food glee from his momma.

  9. How sad is it that I LIVE IN NY and never have been there! It's blasphemy. All of the dishes you ordered look amazing and the pic of your son chowing down is amazing haha!

  10. Bill Clinton's vegan??
    All that food looks amazing, I'm planning on a trip to NY next Spring and I'm sooooo fricking excited about all the awesome vegan eateries, I shall be coming home a lot fatter that is for sure.
    Your family is GORGEOUS!

  11. Stacy, we enjoyed ourselves.

    Heather, the menu says watercress???

    SV, I understand.

    Cassie, thank you!!!

    Cara, he is fun to watch. He really appreciates the simple things in life.

    vegan in brighton, yes, you must.

    Blessed Mama, :)

    Cary, is that another chubby joke? Your 2nd in one week.

    Sarah, I'm sure when you live far away from something, it seems more important. Or if I lived there, I wouldn't get to eat out as much.

    Jeni, apparently he is. I think I tend to gain a pound when I go on trips. I'll look forward to hearing about your trip. And thank you!

  12. I'd love to go to NYC again just to eat — so many great places!

  13. That hamburger looks delicious. I would like to eat one like that one. I have to visit that place.