Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Kid Foods

I don't want you to get the impression that every meal that we eat in our home is meticulously constructed with cute themes...more likely, it's hummus slathered quickly onto a piece of bread, then thrown onto a paper plate. However...we do like to have a little fun around here!


Too much? I made these for the kids when we were in the middle of our week of Mermaid activities in the spring. I got the idea from Ziggety Zoom, a website with kids' activities. I cut a banana into sections for the head and body plus pieces for the arms. I used Daiya shreds for her hair, chocolate chips for the eyes, a piece of strawberry for her mouth, and flattened freeze-dried cherries for her bikini top. I used cut up kiwi for the scales and star fruit for her flippers, with a couple of star fruit slices on the side. I think this mermaid should be enjoyed by all ages, if you are tempted.

Mock Tuna Schooner

My kids - my oldest, in particular, love those creative food idea magazines you see in the check-out aisle at Wal-Mart and grocery stores. My mom is always buying them for us, and they love to look through them and dream about what "fun meal" we're going to have next. Although very little in the books is naturally vegan, everything is very easily adapted. I love that my kids see the pictures in the books and automatically think it's the vegan alternative being used. I got the idea for this sailboat from Taste of Home Fun Food.

I lightly toasted a Food for Life Gluten Free Multi-Seed English Muffin (and spread some Earth Balance on the warmed muffin to help soften it up a bit). Layered romaine with the Chickpea Salad recipe I use and love and added Guiltless Gourmet Baked Chips for sails. Next time I wouldn't use the GF English Muffins; they're too thick and heavy for the kids. I had mine with bread, and it was better. And if you haven't tried this type of Chickpea Salad recipe, it's really, really good.

I remembered that there was a Vegan Goldfish Crackers recipe at Vegan Lunchbox that I've always meant to try, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, I don't have a tiny fish cookie cutter, so it took a long time to cut out enough fish for their lunch. The remaining dough were cut into hearts, which was much easier (and cuter). I think I will go ahead and order the fish cookie cutter because...I think I've mentioned before how big of a place Goldfish Crackers are in the lives of American child activities.

We did have a large fish cookie cutter, about the size of my palm, so we also made a few big fish.

Awhile back, my sister Cary orchestrated a little "Silly Lunch" for her kids and mine. It included this Piggie, made with strawberry So Delicious, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. To see the rest of our fun, vegan meal (including a veggie/pretzel scooter, a silly car watermelon, and silly (or was it scary?) nacho plate, visit Go Team Murphy.


  1. Um....YES! I endorse this wholeheartedly!

  2. I hope my kids don't see this and think I wasn't a creative enough food designer. :) I think it's great that you and your kids have so much food fun while actually eating healthy food! Much better than what's probably in the magazines.

  3. LOL love it! I haven't made a mock tuna salad with chickpeas (or anything for that matter) in ages and have been thinking about it recently. Used to make it all the time.

  4. I can't believe you actually cut some of those tiny fish out! You are really amazing. I love that mermaid, too. Did they have fun eating the flattened cherries off?

  5. Omg how adorable! I also can't believe you cut the fishies out! They are amazing! I guarantee you that your kids will have the most amazing memories of cooking with you, I know that I have those memories with my mom and you make it so fun!

  6. I so want to make that mermaid - just adorable - my little one wanted banana today and loves a mermaid story on one of her dvds so I am sure this would be very popular - love the rest of your creations too

  7. Ok, I have no children to pretend I'm making these for, I wonder if it'd be too much to make them for myself? :-/


  8. Ok, I also have no children to make these for, but I'm thinking I could try it out on Drew? Haha! All of your food designs are so impressive and fun! I know your kids must have a blast with you in the kitchen!

  9. Stacy, ha!

    Andrea, I don't get out much so I do what I can for fun. :)

    Heather, make it, make it.

    Maud, it really wasn't easy, and they weren't the best looking. Thanks. My 6 year old probably did. He loves body part humor.

    Sarah, I hope they do. Thank you.

    Johanna, thank you. There's something very fun about mermaids. I bet she'd love it.

    Nicola, you can definitely make them for yourself!

    Sheridan, any man who wears Batman pants could surely appreciate a good sailboat sandwich or piggie icecream. :)

  10. I just passed out from cuteness!! Your creations are so fantastically creative! You MUST come over now and make me a themed lunch :)

  11. Love that mermaid! I'm sure the food taste way better when it looks that cute. :o)
    I've been wanting to make some goldfish crackers, but I just haven't taken the time yet. Those sure look good!

  12. This is all so cool! I love the mermaid especially. I hope I have the energy/artistic ability to do stuff like this for my kids someday.

  13. I love it!!! The squashed dried cherries as a bikini top is priceless! Piggy is adorable too!

  14. 'Sister Cary' would be an excellent title for a book.

  15. Cara, you're so sweet! I still don't think I'm as creative as you, though. Thank you.

    Michelle, I do think it tastes better. I was impressed with how well the crackers turned out.

    AmberShea, Thank you. I'm sure your kids will love what their culinary trained/published mom makes them.

    Rose, :)

    SV, "Sister Tracy" could be the sequel.

  16. WHAT???!!!! That's it! I'm coming over and smacking you upside the head for saying that! (I'll do it gently, really)

  17. This post is so full of cute I can barely contain myself.

  18. Vegan food for kids! what a great idea! I will use your recommendations!