Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tornado and I are busy today, getting out our "fiesta" supplies and making our grocery list in preparation for tonight's celebration. I thought I would share pictures of a past Cinco de Mayo party in case anybody needed a little inspiration to get in the mood.

Dash was just a little over a year old (Tornado was five.) during this particular fiesta. We enjoyed nachos, tortilla soup, jicama slices, and vegan flan.
And margaritas! I don't remember what I made them out of (probably banana, pineapple juice, and ice), but I know I dipped the cup in sugar instead of salt.


  1. Those nachos look amazing. And so did that margarita smoothie. Maybe I'll try to whip something up for tonight. You know how festive Andy likes to be with food!