Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Sweet" Treat From Hubby

So...a week into this blog, and I haven't quite yet moved forward with my goal of getting out of my cooking rut. All in due time.

My husband went to Dallas on business this week, and he returned last night. One of the managers he knows from the area took him to Spiral Diner, since he knows Ryan is a vegetarian. That was so incredibly thoughtful of him. Especially since the night before, Ryan had to eat with a group of them at a barbecue place. The kind of restaurant where they carve huge amounts of meat onto a plate and automatically set it before you. Ryan had a baked potato and corn on the cob.

Anyway, he said he actually felt a little guilty eating at a vegan restaurant without me so he brought back the only thing he thought would save on the plane. Brownies, cranberry cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. What a man I have. We were just happy to have him back home, cookies or not.

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