Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amy's Enchiladas

This month begins Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo).

Amy's Enchiladas is one of my favorite foods in the whole entire world...I could eat these everyday. I love Mexican food so I think I love them because they aren't something I can order at a typical Mexican restaurant. They are spicy and flavorful, and I'm not the best at being a "flavorful" cook. I really need lessons on how to use spices more effectively. Sissy and Dash love these enchiladas, too, but it's a little too spicy for Tornado's palate. This is the entree choice with two enchiladas...

...and the whole meal choice with rice and beans. The beans that come with it really don't look like the ones in this picture, but they are SO good. I wish I could replicate whatever they do to make it for myself.

I prefer buying the low sodium versions, when available. (The meal has 740 mg sodium, the entree has 390, and the low sodium version of the entree only has 190 mg...also FYI, calories are only around 330ish.)

It just so happens that my mom sent me an excited text last night, informing me they are now selling some frozen Amy's products at Wal-Mart. The meals are only $3.18, which is a great deal compared to 3.99-4.99, that I usually see them for. (I actually paid over $5 locally the other day, which is ridiculous.)

Isn't my Mom sweet? She tries to act all stubborn and irked at my diet sometimes. But she was just as excited for me about the price as I was because she knows me, therefore knows it's one of my favorite foods and was genuinely happy for me. And besides, I really think she is a vegetarian somewhere deep within...I would share with you one of the funniest stories of my whole year related to that, but...she would be mad at me. Oh, man, I'm laughing again so hard right now, as I type this. Ask me in private, and I might tell you. :)

My beloved enchiladas just got even better. With my new shipment of Daiya cheese, I think I have created my most favorite food ever. It is a tie with chocolate mousse. I texted Ryan the other day while I was eating it because it was that good. I think because it tastes so much like the Mexican Villa dairy cheese enchiladas of my youth. I always try to eat my enchiladas with a fresh salad on the side so I don't feel so processed. Here I added some yellow bell pepper from my dad's garden and some arugula.


  1. Yum, I've thought about trying those. I love some of Amy's other products. Love the burritoes!

  2. If any one could make me want to eat vegan it would certainly be you!!! I LOVE the pictures of your vegan foods because they look so delicious! I think most of us non-vegans often wonder what you eat and are surprised you don't run out of options. So keep posting the pictures and don't apologize for it! It is lots of fun to see what you are eating and be inspired to feed my family more healthy foods.