Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day in New York

Our last morning in New York City...we had to get up and pack our bags in preparation for leaving. Then we walked 12 or so blocks over to the Good Morning America studio in Times Square because our flight didn't leave until 11:00. (Quick breakfast at Jamba Juice.)

I was sad that our little getaway was coming to an end. Ryan and I had a really special time together; it was good for us to be together for 4 straight days. I was worried we'd get to a point of not having anything to talk about; after all, our conversations are usually so haphazard from being interrupted by the kids. However, we chatted and laughed constantly. It's sort of ridiculous that this was only our second vacation (for more than a night anyway) by ourselves. (We went to Dallas/Houston/Galveston the 2nd year we were married. Our other vacations before we had kids were with our families.) Even our honeymoon was pretty local (Tupelo, MS) and had to be cut short because we were starting our teaching jobs. We need to do this more often.

Back at Good Morning America...
Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer, filming a segment outside
I knew that The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, and the man she chose, Ed Swiderski, were going to be on the show, but I didn't know if we'd see them or not. As we were standing next to the window, watching what was going on inside the news studio (as people do), their car pulled up and out they came!!!After they went inside and we continued waiting, Eric Bana (who was promoting The Traveler's Wife) also got out of his car and went inside. Then next, it was Leslie Mann (who was there to promote Funny People).
Jillian and Ed, waving at their fans before they started taping their interview
After they finished their segment, Jillian and Ed came back outside to leave for Regis and Kelly. First, they signed autographs and posed for pictures with anyone who asked (no, I didn't ask). They were extremely gracious and sweet, making conversation with everyone.
Earlier in the trip, I made the comment to Ryan about how ridiculous it is to see in real life how the paparazzi scramble to take pictures of these people who just happen to be famous for being on our television screens. I said I felt like it finally clicked with me how dumb it is. As I felt this surge of pure EXCITEMENT seeing the Bachelorette and her fiance (after watching every minute of their show this season...I know that's silly, too; it's my guilty pleasure) and snapping pictures with shaking hands, squealing inwardly (maybe even outwardly) with delight, I said, "Who am I kidding? I haven't changed a bit." Haha.
The lobby of our hotel, Le Parker Meridian...we would definitely stay here again - great Central Park South location, cool rooms, the awesome pool, and everyone was nice and helpful. Plus, they had television screens in the elevators that played vintage cartoons like Droopy and Tom & Jerry or black and white Three Stooges and old silent films. My kids would definitely LOVE that. Might even make them forget to fight over who gets to push the elevator buttons.
Ryan and I were in this really strange state of mind, fading in and out of sleep on the flights home. We felt so groggy and out of it. I guess the week finally caught up with us. It was that weird kind of sleep when you close your eyes and fall asleep within 3o seconds but it seems like you immediately go into deep sleep. I would dream for another 30 seconds, then wake back up and then continue the process.

We made our O'Hare connecting flight much easier this time (There was only about 40 minutes between the flights, and the first time we were running as fast as we could to catch it - Ryan was laughing because he said I was running like Pheobe in the park on Friends...for the record, I don't think I was...and we made it on the last call, without a minute to spare).

It was storming when we arrived in Little Rock, and the plane descended, then went back up again and circled around another 30 minutes. I was freaking out, of course, in all of the turbulence. I wanted out of there, and when we finally landed, I was clapping louder than anyone. Does anyone else get tears in their eyes when people clap for the pilot? I always do.
I was plumb giddy with excitement to see my kids. Dash and Tornado had funny reactions upon seeing us. They ran and said they didn't want to leave Googie's (which I know is true), but I think they also didn't know how to process their feelings about being happy to see us (

Sissy, though, ran to me and hugged and kissed all over me, stroking my face and hair, then squeezing my neck again. So sweet. It's a good thing my kids were waiting for me at home, or else Ryan would have had a hard time getting me to leave NY.

(And they LOVED their doughnuts and toy cars!)


  1. Wow! What a trip! I've really enjoyed reading - even the food! Especially the food! We eat kosher, and often that means eating vegetarian or vegan, which is very hard to come by in our parts. It was fun seeing all the pics!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous getaway! NYC is so much fun! Yes, yes, you should do this more often!!

  3. I just finished reading all your NYC posts. I'm impressed you took on such an involved task!! All those photos...and remembering which day they were and what was in each specific dish. HOW did you DO that?! Tell me you had a journal/notebook to keep up with that stuff! Anyway, I loved all the pictures, and I'm ever so jealous of the quality time you got to have just the two of y'all. (Happy for YOU, but still jealous.) :)

  4. Thanks, everyone. And no, no notebook. :) You underestimate how much all of this meant to me and how it was seared in my brain. I did the first post while we were on the trip and wrote most of the second one on the plane ride home, though.