Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They Say It's My Birthday

In honor of my 34th birthday...33 years ago today. Some things never change.

homemade pizza for supper...365 pizza crust, Eden Organic pizza sauce, grated zucchini (a great way to hide a vegetable - grate zucchini or squash on pizza), spinach, tomatoes, pinto beans (not usually a pizza topper but I had lots of extras left over), red bell pepper, green and black olives, broccoli, artichokes, Tofurky kielbasa, Yves meatless pepperoni, and Vegan Gourmet cheddar and mozzarella

Chocolate mousse pie, made with Wholly Wholesome Organic Spelt pie crust. In food processor, blend two packages of firm or extra firm silken tofu, melt 2 cups (I actually didn't measure, something like that) chocolate chips (I mixed chocolate and carob chips) in microwave then blend with tofu and a few teaspoons of agave nectar.

I ground up extra chips in food processor to crumble on top...Soyatoo and strawberries on the side.

I had some help blowing out my candles. I had to cup my hands over my candle to keep the little anxious blowers away until I'd completed my birthday wish.

Birthday wishes are very important to me.


  1. Happy birthday, again! I want to celebrate your big day when I'm in town, so will you make that meal again? Delicious!
    Also LOVE the picture if sweet Tornado smiling on that horse...warms my heart! I love your kiddos.

  2. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a fun, and yummy birthday :)!

  3. Happy birthday, Jenny! Looks like a great day...and great food, even if you had to prepare it yourself!

  4. That looks like raff in the cake picture

  5. That is one loaded pizza! :)

    Hope your birthday was awesome.
    You were in our thoughts. (I should have called you instead of just sending a measly email. I'm a bad friend. Sorry.)