Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beach Vacay...One Tree Hill

Wilmington, NC happens to be the home of the largest movie and television production facility east of Los Angeles. Over 300 films such as Firestarter, The Secret Life of Bees, Nights in Rodanthe, Weekend at Bernie's, A Walk to Remember, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Empire Records, and 28 Days, etc. have been filmed here. Cary and I took the studio tour, which included a little video about the history of the studio and the different films and shows that were made here.
This is also where Dawson's Creek (yes, I watched that) was filmed, which is very obvious as you are spending time in downtown Wilmington. Currently, the CW network's One Tree Hill (yes, I also watch that. no, it isn't about high schoolers anymore; they're now professionals in their 20's so it's fine that I watch it :)...) is also filmed here. The sets we visited on the tour were all from OTH - Lucas's house, Peyton's recording studio, Brooke's house, etc...which means nothing to you if you don't watch the show. The tour, which included "inside" trivia, wouldn't be too exciting for someone who doesn't watch One Tree Hill (which I have for 6 seasons so it was pretty fun for me).
Then one day, just down from our condo, they were filming a scene from OTH on Causeway Drive Bridge. Curiously, I went to check it out. I couldn't tell for sure, at first, who was who from far away so a paparazzi guy let me look through his big lens, then I could tell that it was Robert Buckley, (who is new to the show, but he was also on Lipstick Jungle...which I also, it sounds like I watch a lot of television, but I actually really don't - I'm pretty picky about what types of shows I like) standing on the edge. Anyway...
When I walked across the bridge, I also spotted James Lafferty, who plays Nathan Scott on the show. He was directing the scene. Don't worry; I played it cool. ha.
A news reporter asked me if she could interview me regarding my thoughts on watching the scene being filmed. I thought about it for a second...she even gave me ideas about what to say, but I chickened about. I'm self-conscious like that.
Those of you who read about my New York trip probably think I stalk celebrities on all my vacations. But honestly, it was just a coincidence we happened to vacation in another spot with actors milling around. Here's Robert Buckley know, just walkin' right by me; he looks a little stressed here but not because I'm so close taking his picture. :) He actually was smiling as he passed. He was drying off because the pair had to jump off the bridge into the Banks Channel, for the scene. I heard him talking about how fun it was.
Trip adventures to be continued...


  1. Thanks for not posting the photo of me and Joshua Jackson making out. I can't believe he was in town! I hope Andy and Diane never find out.

  2. Oh, Jenny. You and your star-struck self! :)