Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I'm Lovin' Lately

Vivacious Vegan from Adventures from Nutritarian Vegan in Midwestern America so kindly awarded me with the Stylish blogger Award. The bad news...VV is leaving the blog world. :( I hope she comes back one of these days!

In order to fulfill the duties of this prestigious award I must:
1. Make a post & link back to the person who gave me this award.
2. Share 7 things about myself.
3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.

I find that it is difficult to come up with 7 more things about myself that you don't already know. So instead, I'm going to mention 7 "things" I have especially liked lately.

Alamo City Salt-free Citrus Pepper. Would also like to try their Chili Lime or Lime Pepper, etc. I'm a big fan of citrus flavor in general. And also, incidentally, citrus lotion, shampoo, bubble bath, etc.

Sunja's Kimchi. Especially on wraps. This is my wrap with kimchi, greens, carrots, tomatoes, and chia seeds. I'd bet money there was some melted Daiya hiding under there somewhere.

I've eaten a lot of wraps lately on my gluten free tortillas, which are my favorite. Even though they're a little tough, I love them still.

another random wrap with avocado, rice, black beans,
cooked Kabocha squash, Daiya, and kimchi

Hail Merry's Chocolate Miracle really is a miracle.

It's hard to get a picture to do it justice. The ingredients are cocoa, coconut oil, maple syrup, almond flour, and salt. The only downside is the $4.99 price tag. I've tried finding a recipe that would equal its creamy wonderness, but I haven't quite achieved an exact match yet. Anyone have somethin' for me to try?

Update: Since I started writing this a few weeks ago, I think I have finally eaten my share of chocolate tarts. Don't get me wrong; it took me many, many months to get tired of these. I always go through cycles of being obsessed with one dessert at a time. I had the Lemon flavor tart the other day, and it was a nice change.

I saw these Pom Wonderful Fresh Pomegranate packs at Sam's Club. I have always loved pomegranates, but this was a healthy-lazy girl's dream: pomegranate seeds all ready to eat. And usually when I eat from a pomegranate, it's one seed at a time as I make my way through. When you put a handful in your mouth at a time, it's bursting with juicy wonderment. I hope they have these next time I hit Sam's, or maybe I'll ask another store to carry them.

I also really liked the pomegranate seeds on my oatmeal. (Also included: apples, walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, grapefruit, and raspberries.)

Speaking of Sam's Club and raspberries, they have had the BEST organic raspberries (see above). I rarely ever buy fresh raspberries because I'd only buy organic, and those never look so fresh. These were the freshest, brightest, plumpest organic raspberries I've ever seen.)

That Pickle Guy's Olive Muffaletta. It is a raw mixture of minced olives and vegetables plus spices (and oil, which is the bad, bad thing). The jar makes these claims: Great on everything! and Habit Forming! Have Plenty. I can't say they are exaggerating. I love it on sandwiches.

Another hit for Hail Merry. (I really love everything I've tried from this company!) Red Bell Pepper Macadamia Nut Dip.

There was just something about it; I couldn't get enough.

Coconut Secret brand raw Coconut Aminos. I was interested in trying it after I saw it on Bitt of Raw's blog. I was going to order it online, then one day I gasped with excitement when I saw it newly sitting on the shelf at my Whole Foods. I like the taste of it; it is a nice alternative to Bragg's or soy sauce.

A version of Kristen's Raw Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake. I use frozen bananas, almond milk (or whatever "milk" we have available), frozen cherries, and Vega's Choc-o-lot Shake & Go Smoothie Powder (pea & hemp protein plus veggie based). The cherry-chocolate combination is so good.

See how I applied a Michelle-like technique of sneaking more into my list. Hopefully, everyone is reading this part and not just assuming I can't count.


That's my list, and here is my version of the States Traveled Map that has been floating around on your blogs. This has been good for me to look at. Especially during my "My life is so boring; I don't ever get to do anything, wah wah" moments. I think my new resolution for this year is to be able to fill in one more white state. Which one should I try?

As for passing on the award, let me think about that and get back to you. I have a couple of ideas, but I don't think I can come up with 10 new ones. Let me look around.


Here is a fun read! Quarry Girl attended the Natural Foods Expo in L.A. again; I always look forward to her thorough recaps of the latest, greatest vegan products on the market. Still no health(ier) biscuits in a can or squeezey cheeze for me, but there is some other great-looking stuff! I know my kids will want to get their little hands on some vegan Peeps.

Missed you guys!


  1. Oh I never think of using kimchi on something like a wrap. We bought a jar and managed to let it spoil! And I think you probably have a ton of fun random facts to share!!!

  2. I missed you too, Jenny! Welcome back - I'm loving what you're loving. I've got to find some of this Hail Merry stuff!

  3. I am thinking that it is time to make a chocolate tart! Yum:)

  4. I love your list and how it focuses on food, heh. I like pomengranates, too, but I must be the only person on the planet who gets their little white cores stuck in my teeth.

  5. OmG it all looks so good! Kim chi on a wrap sounds awesome, what a great idea, and your wraps look totally rockin'! And, I love the sound of the macadamia nut dip.

    I've seen the coconut aminos in the shops too, now, I'll have to try it!

    Look at you go with all those states...I think a trip to Hawaii would be fun!

    Glad your back; I missed you too!

  6. I'm loving Coconut Aminos, too! Using it on everything!

  7. I am a "state collector" too. I'm only missing 3 :) I would say, go for Michigan, because it's looking pretty sad and lonely up there. But if you're feeling like filling in only one isn't enough, you can get a bigger bang for your buck with a quick Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont jaunt. I think Portland, ME is arguably the greatest city in New England, and they have a number of fun vegan restaurants and a fabulous Whole Foods.

  8. I've never had kimchi, but those wraps look amazing!
    I love Sam's raspberries! I'll have to look for those fresh pomegranate packs when I go the next time. I've been wanting some pomegreanates, but can't seem to find them in our local grocery store.
    I want to find some Hail Merry stuff too!
    And a big WOW about all the states that you have visited...I'm jealous. :o)
    Glad your back...I've missed you too!

  9. I just heard about the Hail Merry Chocolate Tart yesterday. Synchronicity!

    Thanks for the info on the Olive Muffaletta and Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake.

    Excellent post!

  10. Can't wait until Hail Merry makes it up to Seattle. The tart and dip look so good. As for recipes, well I could point you in the direction of about a million of them but not sure the texture of the inside. Maybe if you mail me one I could figure it out. ;-)

  11. Your map is impressive. The discrepancy in our maps makes me think you should take me on more trips.
    I love breaking down pomegranates! I'll do a bunch for you when I come home.

  12. hahah so sneaky!!! nobody mentioned it so i thought i got away with it!lol number 6 sounds so good, what a great idea!!!congratulations on your award!Cary is right, your map is pretty impressive. thats a lot of traveling

  13. I LOVE Pomegranates.....they are so juicy and delicious!!! I seriously look forward to when they are in season!!!

  14. I like your list a lot — so many interesting foods. The wraps look especially delicious.

    I've been meaning to make a cherry-chocolate smoothie ever since I watched a you-tube video of someone making one. She recommended the frozen cherries at Costco, which I haven't had a chance to check out yet.

  15. I love your list and where do I get this hail merry tart! I've seen it on other blogs!!! Now I want kimchi too :)

    PS: Can you please come to my page and vote for me on PETA??? THANK YOU!!!!

  16. I'll admit to swooning a little over Steven Tyler, too.

  17. Heather, I don't think I've ever eaten kimchi any other way...well, maybe once or twice.

    foodfeud, thank you!!! yes, look for it!

    Tracy, for real! And if you do, share the recipe!

    blessedmama, what else would it focus on? :)

    Rose, thank you!!! Hawaii is definitely right up there on my list! :)

    JL, I just had some on my tofu today!

    Vegan Georgia, I'm so impressed! That's really cool that you've done so much traveling. I hope to send my wee ones out into the world with complete state "collections." You've made me want to visit Portland ME now!

    Michelle, thank you! I wonder why Sam's berries are so fresh? I hope you find some Hail Merry products and pomegranates!

    SV, thank ye. I hope you like the Olive stuff as much as you did the Chocolate Cherry blend. It's like we were sending out Hail Merry waves over the internet to each other.

    Bitt, funny! I would send you one if I could figure out how! I'm surprised they aren't up there. Why would Arkansas, of all places, have something Seattle does not? :) I tried one tart recipe but couldn't get as un-bitter as I wanted it to be. I'll look on your site to see if you have tried a similar recipe.

    Cary, I'm looking forward to my pomegranate seeds in May or June.

    dirtyduck, you are always trying to sneak things by us. :) thank you!

    rawkin mom, thank you for stopping by!

    Andrea, once again, I wish we had a Costco. Maybe Sam's has them. Our WF was out on my last trip so I'm definitely craving cherry chocolate shake right now!

    Carissa, thank you!

    Jessica, funny! He makes me giggle, and he's in his 60's. :) Also funny that I had a longer version of this post, and then I went back and deleted some of it so it wasn't so wordy. So I wonder if you read this post on google reader or just from your site to have seen the Steven Tyler part? I'm always editing my posts after I post them, and now I realize maybe the original versions are still out there?

  18. Hmmm... I wonder which white state Jenny and Ryan should visit??? that is a hard one. MINNESOTA!!!!! Plus I will take you to one of my favorite places at the Mall of America, LUSH, the best natural cosmetics company on the planet with like 90% of their stuff being vegan I am sure you would enjoy it.
    Pam Rohde

  19. just saw your map, wow, you are are pretty well-traveled! you should try michigan next (says the chick from detroit!)

    my husband's best bud makes his own kimchi with his kids and it sounds like a fun thing to do, but i keep forgetting to get the recipe. this post reminded me!

  20. nice post dear blogger