Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vegan Brunch

During the weekend of New Year's Eve, we did a little Missouri-Illinois tour to visit with a lot of family and friends. We headed up to St. Louis to spend New Year's Eve night with my sister and her family. For some strange reason, I didn't end up with any pictures of them. I'll have to make up for it with photos of the luxurious vegan brunch she served us - which included fruit and berries, yogurt, Chicago Diner muffins,
yummy smoothies,
and breakfast casserole, which we have renamed Cary Casserole.
Here is the recipe; it was delicious. I've never had anything like it; it's definitely a repeat-er.


  1. So cute! All of it.
    I call "non-Newtonian substance" oobleck. That shows that Jeff's a scientist at heart, and I'm an elementary teacher.

  2. I was going to say the same thing Cary did about "oobleck."
    Love the pic of the Illinois farm boys. Funny. I can picture them growing up together. How cute.
    So...would that "incident" involving a tailbone and ice also involve slapstick humor? Because Paul would be all over a story like that. :)

  3. I'm right there with you on the oobleck. I was all Dr. Seuss-y about it, and it somehow never occurred to me to tell the kids it was a liquid and solid. Yes, Ryan's fall couldn't have been better choreographed. I was laughing so hard until I realized he was truly hurt. Then I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.

  4. You have won award on my blog . . . check it out!

  5. I got on your blog to see what people were commenting about my vegan brunch. "Boo" to your blog readers for not recognizing culinary genius.

  6. I'm SURE they recognized it, Cary. Most of my readers are just not the commenting types.