Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seen and Eaten

This is what I saw last night... (Dash, sleeping on his top bunk)

And this is what I made last night...
Continuing our journey to become more raw...It was the first raw "cheesecake" I have prepared. I used Kristen's Oh My! It's Vanilla Cheesecake recipe from her Desserts ebook. I liked it. The boys liked it, but Sissy said she didn't. (I'll let her try it again today; I think she was a little tired last night and full from split peas and salad. UPDATE: Sissy heartily ate a piece after school.) Tornado asked sweetly if he could go back downstairs after his bath and have another piece. Of course, I said yes. We encourage him, the little skinny fella, to eat anything with healthy fats (this has lots of nuts, coconut, and coconut oil) as much as possible.

Speaking of split peas and salad, the 2 little kids cleaned their plates last night. (Of course, Tornado did, too; that goes without saying.) We have gotten more serious about making Dash try foods that he doesn't want to eat. We've had to sort of spoon it into his mouth (leading us to believe the kid is just being lazy), after everyone is already finished, promising him dessert if he finishes. Some might not agree to this questionable practice, but last night he ate everything on his green-filled plate, without complaining. He was popping that lettuce into his mouth, without being prompted. He's getting used to the taste - if that is any consolation or encouragement to anyone with a picky kid like mine.

Back to dessert...It doesn't taste just like cheesecake - it's something altogether different but tasty in its own right (and much healthier so that's what counts). Having said that, there was an ingredient she recommends to use instead of water (Rejuvelac, made from sprouted wheat berries, and I didn't have this made ahead of time; she says it gives it a cheesy taste and is very healthy/good for digestion.) The texture is sort of amazing, and it has a very cashew-y/coconut-y flavor. There's no baking involved, just food processing, pouring it into the pan, and chilling in the freezer then fridge. I really love the crust - it's basically nuts, dates, coconut, and cacao nibs - and I think I'll use it next time I make a regular cheescake, as well.

That's all I've got for now. We haven't been doing much at all lately. I don't have any new pictures. It seems like when we make it a priority to eat even healthier, that is all that gets done. Plus, I have even more dirty dishes. Oh, yeah, we had to take Dash to the ER this weekend because he was being wild and fell off the bed, landing on his head. Okay...so what else is new? BUT...he started saying he was nauseous, was laying his head on the toilet, looking totally out of it, and then he threw up.

Apparently, he is just fine, though. I guess throwing up may or may not be indicative of a serious problem. He is the same kid who had to be taken to the ER years ago when he knocked his wooden highchair over and hit his head. He repeatedly threw up that time, too. This whole experience did not bode well in my quest to win Ryan's support for child number 4.


  1. Goodness! Didn't know about your ER trip. So sorry. I know things like that are just HUGE and tend to make everything else just STOP. I would have been freaking out if one of mine was acting like that after hitting their head! Girl, that boy of yours needs constant prayer protection. Don't you think? ('cause a fall from that tree is probably in his future...)

  2. Gauri Radha गौरी राधाJune 17, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    That cheesecake looks amazing :-)