Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blendtec and I Love Seaweed

Here is my new blender. I have wanted one for a long time. I really wanted a Vitamix, but they are so expensive. We finally decided we really do need one. We have a nice, expensive Kitchen Aid mixer; it just makes more sense for our eating habits to spend more on a emulsifying whole foods blender. It was between the Vitamix, Blendtec, and HealthMaster. We went with the Blendtec, based on price and blog reviews. ( seemed to be the best deal at the time; they offer specials and discounts, and, so far, they have had excellent customer service.)

The kids (and I) love that you can see through the (BPA-free) containers (and I got 2, which is so great). They also love the digital screen that counts down the time remaining and shuts off when it is finished. I ran into one of my friends at Whole Foods this week, and I was telling her about my blender. Dash whispered to me, "Tell her it turns off by itself." Here is our first smoothie we made - grapes, carrots, oranges, swiss chard, purple kale, apples, frozen cherries, and water.

Honestly, I had started getting a little nervous after I ordered it, wondering if it was a silly purchase and whether it would be any better than my other blender. But it's AMAZING how quickly and easily it grounds up everything. It came with a fat recipe book, too.

These drinks make me really full, which is great because then I don't want to eat anything else. I lost half of a pound this week. Which isn't amazing, but it made me happy. Now I'm just a pound away from another tens place - I'm 1_1 lbs.

Lately I've also been loving...wait for it...seaweed. Sea vegetables are really good for you. (But I think it's important to try to stick with organic not only because of pesticides but heavy metals.) I think this one was Arame. It just has to be hydrated, and I thought it tasted great in my salad.

I put some in my tofu scrambler, which is on a bed of lettuce. I really liked it.

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