Saturday, April 4, 2009

Naked Juice

I came downstairs this morning to Dash telling me he was drinking "wiener juice."
"What?" I asked.
Ryan said Dash told him that I explained to him how all the fruits and vegetables were naked, and, therefore, I called it "wiener juice." I WAS explaining to him yesterday why it was called "Naked juice," but I never said the word "wiener" in that discussion.

We drink Naked Juice a lot around here (the boys, yes, always think that the name is funny), and if you don't know what it is, look here.

Anyway, I explained that a lot of drinks have their fruits and veggies covered up with sugar, artificial junk, and preservatives, but the fruits and veggies in Naked Juice are not covered up by anything else - they are naked. How he made the leap from that to "wiener juice," I do not know. Sorry if all this talk of wieners offends you. I live in a house with two little boys; the topic is brought up multiple times daily.

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  1. Give that kid Odwalla, instead. I like it better, and there would be no confusion.

    Toilet Paper! Bathroom!

    (This is Uncle Andy)