Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Pinch Us

We especially like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day because both of the boys have Irish names. We didn't do that on purpose. Apparently, that is just what we are attracted to. I actually thought Sissy's real name was Irish, too, but I guess it is English. I think it sounds Irish, though, which is close enough. Speaking of names, yes, it is getting old using their pseudo names, and I'm sure I'll crack one of these days and start using their real names.
Green food for our night meal...steamed broccoli, pickles, celery with peanut butter, navy beans with parsley, spinach/lettuce salad, zucchini strips, grapes, roasted edamame, avocado, green beans, pistachios, apple slices, and bell pepper...oh, poo, I just realized I forgot to set out the kiwi last night. We even had green juice - Boathouse Farms Green Goodness fruit smoothie drink, which includes things like spirulina, spinach, and blue green algae. I had green apple juice boxes on hand in case the green drink didn't go over well (as I suspected it would not), but they all loved it and enjoyed several refills.

We decorated shamrock cookies after supper...Papaw and Googie came over last night, and we gave him a plate of cookies we had decorated. He ate all three of them. That's one of the great things about Papaw...he'll try and appreciate whatever we make for him. Googie, on the other hand...well, she's always mysteriously "full" when vegan food appears. ;)

We used India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugar in green. India Tree also has all-natural food coloring. (In case you were wondering, Nature's Flavors and Seelect also have natural food coloring and many other fun, organic products.)

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  1. I wish I were as passionate as you. I want to go to all of your parties! You guys could've pinched me, as I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day.