Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recent Restaurant Eats

When I was looking back through my recent pictures, I sort of surprised myself that we've actually traveled so much the past few months. We had promised ourselves we were going to lie low for the first 6 months or so of having four kids. I haven't slowed down too much, though, actually. When Baby was 2 1/2 months old, we headed to Missouri to visit my brother in the southern part and my sister in St. Louis.
My favorite place to eat in St. Louis (beyond my sister's because she is a vegetarian and always has my kind of food around) is Sweet Art on 39th street. I've mentioned going there before. It's a cute little place with great sandwiches, among other things. They are also known for their cupcakes. (Some are vegan; some are not.)

I also made it a point to stop by Trader Joe's since we do not have one in Arkansas. I always think about going after seeing all of your scores. I LOVED these burgers. I think they are similar to Wildwood's version of tofu burgers. Among other things, I also bought the Trader Joe's brand of Hummus Salad Dressing (which I finally found in the refrigerated section) that I had seen on my friend Pam's blog. I really liked it.

About a month ago, we also headed over to Dallas for one night. We were motivated to make some purchases from Ikea to get our life & home organized. (It's a little crazy, folks!) Once I get everything straightened officially, I'll post pictures of our new stuff. Until then, feast your eyes on the desserts we got to share at Spiral Diner: a cinnamon roll, which I would never pass up...

...and bread pudding, also a rare find and so delicious.

I didn't mean to post the dessert pictures first. I meant no disrespect to my Mitch. My beloved Mitch that I order almost everytime I go to Spiral. I asked Ryan if he thought I should order something else, and he said he didn't really think I should. I actually also ordered the Chef Salad to share with everyone, but they never brought it.

One kid ordered the Nachos, even though he won't eat guacamole. His siblings and father helped clear it off of there.

One kid ordered the Tofu Scramble. And another kid ordered Spaghetti & Meatballs.

And Ryan - the Chipotle Quesadillas.


If you are interested, I am hosting a giveaway on my family blog for 2 loaves of FREE RUDI'S BREAD!!! There are also free art supplies and other items included. Head on over here to sign up. All that is required is a comment/entry - nothing else. You can even enter without having a blog log-in; just comment as Anonymous, but make sure to leave a way I can get a hold of you.

Rudi's is currently offering some fun promotions, so check out their website (where there is a 75 cent off coupon) or facebook page. They are offering a free sandwich box that features your child's own artwork; these look fun!


I might be blogging more this week, so check back. Also, I'm going to be in NYC next week (I changed my blog background in honor.) so if any of my NY pals are going to be in Manhattan, (or at Dun-Well Donuts because that's where you might find me) let me know!


  1. Adorable kids and delicious vegan food — what more can you ask? Haven't had the TJ's burgers but will look for them next time I'm there.

  2. The food all looks fantastic. The kids seem pretty pleased with their choices at well.
    That is a mondo cinnamon roll, seriously!
    Also, I am in NY! I work in the city, so we should try to meet up (if you have the time, that is)

  3. Everything looks so great! Your kids are so adorable! Those nachos are definitely calling my name, what a serving that is! I LOOOOOOOOVE bread pudding and haven't had it in forever and that looks so good!

    That's so great that you'll be here in NY but my work schedule is getting busy because of wedding season I won't be able to get into the city. :( Wah! Maybe next time though!

  4. You always make me want to go to Texas with that lovely Spiral Diner comfort food. Yum. It's good you are having some fun and getting out and around even with the wee one. Have lots of fun in NYC!!!

  5. Yay! I am so glad you liked that dressing. I have two bottles in the fridge right now and ate it for lunch today. I can!'t believe you are going all the way to NY with a baby. You are such an awesome adventurer!

  6. chipotle quesidillas -- swoon! i love finding hidden vegan restaurant "gems". thanks for sharing!

  7. That cinnamon roll looks so ooey-gooey delicious! I have a hard time ever turning down a vegan cinnamon roll. Have fun in New York! There are so many vegan restaurants there. You'll have a blast!

  8. Holy yum and cuteness! A lot of great eats (we're finally getting a Trader Joe's next year - looking forward to visiting!), and super cute kids.

  9. Very enjoyable post. So lucky you get to go to NYC! I have zero kids, live about eight hours closer than you and still can't get there.

  10. Andrea, it's if you like the chewier taste of the burgers with tofu, and I do! Thank u!

    foodfeud, I have time! Let's!

    Sarah, thank you! Glad you have lots of business right now! Oh, there will be a next time fo sho.

    bitt, thank u! I'm looking forward to it.

    Pam, I'm a gypsy trapped in the body of a housewife. I can't help it. And really I thought this would be easier NOW rather than when he's crawling around.

    glutenfreehappytummy, Spiral is yummy! thank you for stopping by!

    Cadry, oh, how I love cinnamon rolls. I love NYC. I wish I could live there.

    Ingrid, aww thanks. So happy you're getting a new store!

    Shen, thank you. At least you live in civilization. Maybe I wouldn't feel the need to travel so much if that were the case for me.

  11. Have fun in NYC...I'm looking forward to the posts!

    Your other recent travel foods look great too! I love the look of that burger and sandwich that you had in St Louis.

  12. You guys always eat out so well! Everything looks delicious. I'm heading over to the other blog now. :-)

  13. Great food journey. Can I have your kid's guac. They are so cute.
    I was so happy to see my husband and y fave TJ's veggie burgers posted. They are like wildwood. TJ's usually carries a brand name food and then copies it and discontinues it. Thes tofu burgers even good room temp.

  14. All the foods looks delicious! Really outstanding! And you have adorable kids. They are so cute! Surely, you had a great time! Thanks for sharing! :)