Monday, January 10, 2011

A Very Vegan Christmas

Excitement about seeing their cousins is one of the kids' favorite parts of Christmas.

Is it too late for a Christmas recap? I mostly covered Christmas on my other blog. Here are some of the "vegan aspects":

For Christmas with my parents and siblings (and their families), we went Italian. Mom made vegan lasagna (and non-vegan lasagna), along with Rising Moon Ravioli plus sauce.

Tracy brought bread from Boulevard Bread Company.
And for dessert, of course, it was the thumbprint cookies and pumpkin cake from my last post.

My kiddos:
Ryan requested a "traditional" breakfast with tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, and biscuits and gravy for Christmas morning brunch.

My parents bought me three vegan cookbooks, Viva Vegan!, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and Vegan Brunch. This was my first attempt at making an omelette (from Vegan Brunch). I have some more practice to do, but the kids were wolfing them down. I filled these with broccoli, spinach, and a little seitan and Daiya.

We made cut-out cookies, using Cherrybrook Kitchen "D.W." Sugar Cookie Mix. We don't use artificial food coloring in our house, but we can still have fun!

How about this angel beauty?

My 5 year a little interested in body parts right now.
He said, giggling, "My snowman has boobies!"

Aren't they...fancy? :)


  1. Oh I want the Vegan Brunch cookbook. I made a vegan frittata for a party and was sooo happy with how it turned out so it'd be fun to have more brunch type recipes. I've got that on my Amazon wish-list, but apparently Jason doesn't check that ;-)

  2. omgosh, chocolate chip tatas?!!! i will remember that forever.

    i like their christmas plates. it seems like a lot of people are doing that now. making the traditional holiday dinner Mexican style or Italian etc. im all for that train!

    how did you make the frostings dif colors?

  3. I thoink your Christmas was smashing! HOw adorable are your children!!!
    I loved the lasagna and the cookies!

  4. I love the snowman...err, I mean snow-woman apparently. What fun!

    It all looks delicious. We always have lasagne at Christmas too. Awesome cookbooks! And I have to say, your ommelette looks perfect!

    Love all the happy little faces. Makes my day!

  5. Merry Belated Christmas. Funny cookies, your kids crack me up.

  6. Your vegan omelette looks wonderful. Viva Vegan & Vegan Brunch are such fun cookbooks. I'm definitely looking forward to making more recipes out of them.

  7. That vegan omelette looks great! I haven't made it yet, but I did try Happy Herbivore's "Nomlette" from her upcoming cookbook. The ingredients are similar, but it is baked in a pie plate instead of cooked on the stovetop, which was pretty unique.

  8. your christmas breakfast looks great! that omelet looks pretty good to me. i wish my family would go for vegan lasagna at christmas dinner. and your son's snow-lady is hilarious. what would christmas be without our kids doing goofy stuff like that? not as fun! :)

  9. I was looking at the cookies covered in icing and candy and thought I was on Blessed Mama's blog. The baby in the background of the 6th picture sure is enjoying Ravioli.

  10. Your X-mas eats look delicious! You received some excellent books as gifts too.

    Omg, I love the snowman with boobs!!

  11. It's never too late for a Christmas post when it's as cheerful and happy as this one! Your holiday vittles look great — as do the little eaters. I love the voluptuous snowwoman.

    The vegan omelets are so realistic looking it's hard to believe, but I haven't quite acquired a taste for them. I'll try again, though. Have fun with the cookbooks!

  12. An Italian Christmas sounds yummy to me!

    I got Viva Vegan for Christmas also, but I haven't made anything from it yet.

    I love those cookies...they are adorable! Your kids are adorable too!!!

  13. Your Christmas brunch looks especially great, as does the visit the with the cousins. All the decorated cookies look great, and I am giggling about the boobies too. It's only right, you know, that she have a little something.

  14. How fun to have a Christmas post now! Once again I will say how I love how your kids eat their veggies. Just because kids are vegan doesn't mean they automatically love all the vegetables. And I love that bra-less snowgirl. Did she burn her bra in the 60's?

  15. Those are some creative cookies!

  16. Ooh, with a Christmas post now I can still pretend I have leftovers.
    Haha, those cookies look verrrry fancy! It all tastes the same anyway.
    Awesome looking omelet too - I have yet to attempt that recipe but I love Vegan Brunch. Have fun with all the cookbooks!

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    Thank you for the comments, everyone! They were funny and appreciated!

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    Oh how cute!!

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