Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sandwiches and Tacos Make Me Happy

Rose very "sweetly" gave me the Happy 101 Award. According to the rules of this award, I list 10 things that make me happy and pass the award on to other bloggers.

Okay, so besides all of the obvious stuff like my family,friends, and rainbows - here are some of the little things that make me happy.

1) head rubs

2) Libraries. And bookstores.

Watching t.v. shows on dvd in bed with my husband. A couple of our favorites are Friday Night Lights (sooo good!) and Prison Break (I talked about that here, including my Michael Scofield cheesecake.). Right now we are on Season 5 of 24. I really love romantic comedies so I can't believe I'm so into that. I'm such a pacifist and generally don't like violence in movies, but I find myself yelling, "Shoot him!" when someone is remotely a threat.

unexpected phone calls and emails from family and old friends

5) My new necklace makes me happy! One pendant for each kid. (It looks weird because I erased my kids' names from the picture.) My blogging buddy Kristi made this necklace for me. Check out her Etsy shop - she makes cute stuff and her prices are very reasonable.

6) I love to eat citrus fruit the regular way, but I also really love to eat it like this - pull every little bulb of juice apart one at a time. I love the way it feels on my tongue. The other day, the kids and I sat and ate a grapefruit almost entirely this way.

7) This is random, but my oldest son (who is my healthiest, non-picky eater) likes it when I make him a plate of lots of different foods. He calls it "extra stuff." When I ask him what he wants to eat, he says, "I want a plate of extra stuff." And it's just one of things about his quirky personality that makes me smile. This is example of one of his recent "extra stuff" snack plates.
(Breakfast pita with Earth Balance, bell pepper strips, a Brazil nut, pineapple chunks, strawberries, and olives.)
He finished it and said, "More extra stuff, please!"
(bell pepper, olives, almonds, tomato chunks, and dehydrated pancake pieces)

8) Watermelon alone makes me happy, sure, but what REALLY makes me happy is when my parents buy us a watermelon. My mom brings it over, already cut up in a container. I am lazy about cutting things up, so I love it when she does that for me.

9) Sandwiches make me happy. This one is melted Daiya and warm tomato sauce, peppered Tofurky slices, tomatoes, and red bell peppers. I ate this version of sandwich a couple of days in a row because it was so good.

10) Tacos make me happy! This particular one was pretty random, but I don't care because I just love tacos any which way. I think it was just lettuce, steamed broccoli, salsa, and Gardein strips.

I would have passed this award onto Rose, Michelle, Blessed Mama, Jessica, Stacy, Carissa, Shenandoah Vegan, Ali, Michelle, Jessica & Lima, Averie, Marja, and Andrea - because reading all of your blogs makes me HAPPY...but I think all of you already received it - AND some of you received it two or three times; I don't want you to go and get a big head or anything! I mentioned some of my newly discovered blogs (including Heather's) last time with the Versatile Blogger Awards...I'm going to pass Happy 101 to these other blogs that make me HAPPY.

I've Got a List for That - My sister's blog: her life through lists - she's funny and entertaining. She will just LOVE it that I gave her an award...or maybe not.

VEGeneration - I love Diane, and she loves taking pictures of food. From every angle. :)

Tofu Mom - You might enjoy her recent post about buying groceries on a budget.

Ashley's Green Life - She's very sweet and has been "greening" up her life.

Disposable Aardvarks, Inc. - She makes very fun vegan Bento lunches for her kids.

Vegan Dance If You Want To - I think I'm naturally drawn to the blogs of people who live in NYC because I can live vicariously through.

Okay, so once again, there ARE more blogs that make me happy (a few already just popped into my head), but I only have so much time to sit here. It already takes me 2 days to write a blog post because I do it in 5 minute intervals. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Love that list of things that make you happy. I used to love to eat lemons like the way you eat citrus. Too funny. What a special necklace too. Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  2. Dang, those sandwiches and tacos look awesome! And thanks for the mention :)!

  3. 2, 7, 10, my favs! i love being around books! andseven was so fun! so glad to read about somebody ENJOYING their kids:) and ten...self explanatory:)

  4. everytime i get this award SHEN gets lsited first!!!!j/k lol:) thank you so much!!! i cant wait to go check out some of your favs. its still an honor to get this from you!

  5. aaaand im not gonna get a big head but i DO know somebody that might....

  6. The awards are always listed in the order of importance. So sue me!

  7. Aaww thanks Jenny!! HAHAHA I love grapefruit too, but I don't have the patience like you and your kids to eat it pulplet by pulplet! :P

  8. Head rubs is such a good one! I'd put that right up there with back scratches... but I gots a scratchy back. I like libraries too, but used bookstores are really the never know what you may find...esp. books with former owner's notes in them (ok, I guess that's my nosey side coming out), and I lurve used bookshops that have resident cats.

    Your necklace is so pretty, and with the cache of housing the names of your kids, it must be a joy to wear.

    (Great list by the way!)

    Your eldest is so cute with "the extra stuff"..great that he loves all that healthy "extra" stuff...I'm sure the "main stuff" is healthy and delicious too!

    I'm with you on the watermelon, and the sandwich and tacos look super yummy...worthy of any happy list!

    I'm looking forward to checking out the recipient blogs...they all sound very cool and interesting.

  9. I wonder if I could ever have the patience to eat citrus the way you mentioned. I have to say, I'd rather have watermelon when someone else cuts it, too - no patience for that, either!

  10. Awww, thanks so much!
    And I have to agree with #9 wholeheartedly...sandwiches are one of my most favourite guilty pleasures!

  11. I would like to thank God, my wild family for always giving me something to list about, and my kids for being okay being ignored 15 minutes each day while I write out my list.

  12. What a lovely list! First off, let me say those tacos look wonderful with that broccoli inside! Your necklace is very cute as well!

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  14. Rock on, thanks! I'll have to come up with a happy list.

  15. I like your honesty in your list, especially how you desperately tried to justify your love of Prison Break - pacifist, hmm? I think it's great that you are so supportive of your sis, oh, and also thanks for thinking of me, too! :-) We do something similar in our home like you do for your oldest, but for dinner - it's a crazy meal! Congrats on the award!

  16. Aww! Thank you!! I think is is my first award ever! Now, I get to go through and write up the list on mine right?

    I love your list. I think that necklace with your kids names is so sweet! But the pictures of the food makes me SO hungry!!! But, I agree with libraries and bookstores the most! Where would we be without them?!

    Lima says thank you too!! :)

  17. I loved Prison Break..I so miss that show. Great list, and I love your necklace...that is so cool! BTW, did you get my email I sent you the other day? Just checking, because sometimes my emails go through as spam. :-(

  18. Thanks for the shout out! Love your blog too! Can't believe you like Prison Break too, my hubby and I love that show, so sad it's over! We've been re-watching it from the beginning (Season 1 was our favorite) on Netflix Watch Instantly from our will take us forever to get through the seasons but it will be fun to see it all again! Love your Michael Scofield was such a cutie on that show! ( :

  19. I love to eat citrus like that too! The only problem is that it takes so long to finish anything and sometimes I can't taste enough delicious citrus in one little bulb.
    Great shot, though!

  20. Oh, and! I went to your sister's site through the list; I love her blog because I love lists! Cute idea.

  21. SV and Dirty Duck, I want you guys to virtual hug and make up. I promise there was no predetermined plan to my list order. I love you both.

    Diana, "pulplet" - good word.

    Rose, thank you. And I am quite sure that head rubs ARE my favorite thing in the world, right after my family and friends. Even more than food.

    blessed mama, are you ashamed of me that I said I am a pacifist? I just think I am. I am very much a paradox, in terms of politics and life in general.

    Cary, I'm so glad that I finally gave you your 5 minutes of fame that you deserved. And did you see "foodfeud" likes your blog, too!

    You're welcome, Lima!

    Michelle and Ashley, I've gotten several of my family members hooked on the show, too. Maybe I'll rewatch it one of these days. Have you watched 24? We're always like "who would have handled this better? michael or jack?" cutie indeed!

    Thank you, everyone, for all the nice things you always have to say! This stay-at-home mom appreciates the conversation. :)