Monday, November 16, 2009

Favorite Smoothie and Playing in the Leaves

We drink a lot of smoothies around here. The kids like some of them more than others. The favorite lately is banana (we use several for one batch), So Delicious Coconut Milk beverage, coconut oil (read about health benefits), and frozen pineapple. They drink it faster than any smoothie. If there are leftovers, I make popsicles, which are eaten up quickly, too.
When we were looking to build a house, we went into it thinking, "How can we make life easier for ourselves?" One of our biggest requirements was NO YARD. This is against what most people want, but we did not want to spend our weekends mowing or with the added pressure of watering and keeping out weeds. Plus, fire ants are horrible in Arkansas, and they seem to be worse in grass. At least, we don't seem to have a fire ant problem at our new house like we did at our old house. Our 1.25 acres is wooded, and although Ryan does weed-eat a little bit during the summer (including weed whacking 4 wheeler trails through the woods for the boys), it's pretty low maintenance. So...when the leaves fall, we don't even have to worry about raking. In fact, we LOVE the extra ground cover. There are still some areas that are a little too exposed to mud from the building process. I think I might ask my neighbor for all of his pine needles next time I see him raking them up.
Ryan surprised the kids by raking up a huge pile of leaves for them to play in the other day. They were THRILLED. The pile is still sort of there, and I think they keep adding to it because every day they play in it at some point.
Miss Prissiness loved the idea of the leaf pile. She kept running full speed toward the pile, yell, "Cannonball!" just like the boys do, then would very gently lower herself into the edge of the pile. She just couldn't bring herself to fully embrace it.


  1. You poor thing! I will leave you a comment! Don't you hate it when noone validates that you actually communicated with them? (Yep, I'm guilty. I read...and keep going.)

    So we like smoothies too. For two or three people we do 2 bananas, 12 + oz yogurt, handful of berries, and OJ. Since the berries are frozen, there is no need for ice to water it down.

    Sissy Prissy is funny to cannonball so gracefully! (Am I allowed to call her that?? Hope so!)

  2. Makes my day when you kids have new posts.

  3. Fun shots of the kids in the leaves. . . I never miss a post, sorry that I DO miss leaving comments. I know what you mean about people not leaving comments because I feel the same way. "Hello, Hello? Is there any body out there? I don't just write this so I can go back and read it myself later. Okay, actually I do, but I get a little tired of the one-way communication!" Whoo, there's my tirade, I'm done. Just empathizing with you.

  4. I used to love playing in the leaves. So cute :-)

  5. lol, ask and you shall receive. We love the ground cover on our woods, but it is mostly pine needles. Last weekend, I went to plant strawberries and the mulch was almost 6 inches deep ~ great compost! At home, we have to rake because we are right in town and the leaves turn to mush on the driveway. Nice that you don't have to though! Looks like you had some great frugal fun with them. *Ü*

  6.'ve resorted to begging now?
    i've so been there.
    (not that i'm not there now...)

    cute pics.
    funny about sissy.
    sounds familiar.

    love coconut milk AND oil!!