Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snack Time

Daddy has always been a snacker - Mommy, not as much. The kids, of course, take after him. Ever since Tornado was a baby, one of Daddy's "things" is to sit and eat snacks with the kids - popcorn, fruit, etc. They like to take drives to Kroger just to get a snack. Their latest fave is frozen mangoes. They'll buy a bag and eat the whole thing. They've also really gotten into cooking little snacks together, with all four of them pitching in to help. They've gotten ideas from our Quick and Easy Cookbook which was printed by Troll Associates in 1981. I think it was one of my sisters' books when they were little. They really like making the frozen bananas, which are coated in granola, agave nectar, and spices.

This weekend they made Peanut Butter Balls, a recipe Tornado found in his Highlights magazine. They sampled a lot during the process. It was definitely a successful project; they all really enjoyed them. I could tell how much Sissy and Dash ate especially, because they were downing the soymilk afterward.

Dash, true to form, stuffed an entire ball in his mouth at once. Yum!


  1. That was my book! I think it's either from the book fair (my favorite event...I waited ALL YEAR for, where I got my Ralph Macchio bookmark) or from the book orders.
    I never made anything from it, I think. It always seemed so unrealistic and not do-able. That makes me sad. I'm glad the kids are having fun cooking!

  2. It always comes back to Ralph Macchio, doesn't it?

    I get the same pleasure from book fairs to this day.

    Oh, they're so do-able and realistic. Like almost coring an apple through and filling it with pb, then slicing it - do you remember that one? You can have it back or borrow it anytime.