Monday, November 24, 2008

Bake with Me

The kids often like to wear their chef hats and aprons when we cook. This particular day we couldn't find our other chef hats, but Sissy was just as happy wearing my Martha Washington cap from my 6th grade Constitution play.

We saw these organic brownie mixes from Arrowhead Mills and decided (of course) to try them out.

(Note: it's always easier on an overweight Mom's guilty conscience to buy a mix "for the kids," and then she gets all the benefits, as well.)

(our stars weren't as pretty as the ones on the box)

The mixes include a little fold out of fun facts and jokes, etc. Tornado, as usual, is all about the jokes. His reading has really seemed to improve the past few weeks. I can tell how much he enjoys being able to read more in everyday life.

Every worthwhile project is not without a few glitches. Sissy dumped out the remaining egg replacer from the box. We had to scrape some off the top to use. These brownies were for our enjoyment only so do not be alarmed about our unsanitary methods of baking, not to mention all the saliva from the double dipping.

Since this baking project, which was a success, we have went on to try an Arrowhead Mills organic cupcake mix. They were also very yummy! We are going to try the sugar cookie mix next.


  1. Love the little chefs! You all look great; glad to see that you are doing well . . . and your still vegan! Way to go!

  2. So Remi has to be strawberry shortcake next year. I have plenty of models, if you need one!

  3. And OVERWEIGHT? are you kidding me? Your like tiny and training for a marathon. I'm not letting you get away with that.