Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread House Pancakes

One of our Advent Activities this week was reading Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett and making gingerbread house pancakes. I've had the mold for many years, so it is a tradition to use sometime around Christmas.

This is part of the Advent Garland I made. Everyday the kids rush downstairs to unclip the next Christmas activity for the day.

Mimic Creme Healthy Top, maple syrup, and melted fruit spread

kiwi, strawberries, walnuts, chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, organic wheat squares cereal, raisins

I can't always get my pancakes to turn out as well when I use the molds, but they taste the same. Part of my problem was that I didn't have any nonstick cooking spray, and the olive oil in my Misto wasn't working as well.

We ended up with all sorts of gingerbread houses.

The tongue sticking out means serious concentration.

Nutritional Information three flavors

We were pretty impressed with the Mimic Creme, which is made primarily from coconut oil and nuts. It definitely has a different taste than Soyatoo or Rice Whip. The package is pretty firm out of the fridge, then it whips up very thick. Ryan says he prefers it to the other canned varieties. I don't know if I have a preference. But I do like that it doesn't "melt" like the canned whips. I haven't seen this at our stores, but I picked it up on a recent trip to Missouri.

The kids also had some Creme in their hot chocolate the next day (along with crushed candy canes). Bonus for them was that it even snowed in Arkansas (but melted off by noon, of course) this week!


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  2. Sorry, I had to delete my last comment due to a spelling error. Standards!!

    Everything looks awesome, as usual. What's in the Mimic Creme? It looks tasty, but as though it fell from space. Actually it's irrelevant because I'm quite certain they don't sell that anywhere 'round these parts anyhow.

  3. That looks awesome. I like the advent garland.

  4. Pancake gingerbread houses- love it! I'll have to find a mold like that! Looks like your kids had fun with it. My Misto gives me a hard time too sometimes, what's up with that?! I've got to find some of that Mimic Creme, looks delicious! ( :

  5. How fun. I always love seeing these projects you guys do!

  6. Your children are going to have the best holiday memories!! Looks like they are having so much fun!

    My misto can get a little funny sometimes, too. I wish there was a way that it worked as well as the cooking spray. . .

  7. You do the best holiday activities with your kids! Looks like so much fun.

  8. So much fun! Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom. I love the houses and that cream is something I want to try.

  9. What a fun activity! I love the idea of an Advent garland with different activities each day...such a great twist on the traditional old Advent calendar.

    I can never get my Misto to work...I think it's a defect in the product because looks like INgrid has had some of the same trouble and so has my mom with hers. Then again, I bought some of the Soyatoo rice whip for Thanksgiving, and that stuff wouldn't spray out either, so maybe it's just me.

    It all looks so fun and yummy! Especially the cream on the cocoa.

  10. what a fun tradition! i have never tried molds with pancakes but they always look so cute. i love the idea of decorating a pancake instead of a whole house (that likely gets stale and not eaten).

  11. I LOVE this gingerbread pancake idea! I must find myself a mold now because my daughter would love to do this!Also, I love your daughter's owl jammies. Ever since I made an owl for the top of a cake once I have had a thing for owls and so does Faith. Do you remember where you got them???

  12. PLEASE!!! ADOPT ME!!!!! I'm begging you!!!

    You're already planning for one new family member, just plan for two and you won't even notice the difference!

    If it makes it any easier for you: I'll just sleep with in the master bedroom with Ryan and you can stay in the nursery with the infant.

  13. OMG HOW CUTE! This actually might be the cutest thing I've ever seen and soooooo fun! WHere did you get that mold?! I am with Shen, please adopt me! ;)

  14. I'm so glad I swung by here. I've just recieved mimicreme in the mail today from Pangea and can't wait to try it! Yay. Thanx for posting.

  15. PS I wanna come by and play. So fun!

  16. What a lovely Christmas activity! At first I couldn't understand how you could make gingerbread PANCAKE houses, as I was thinking of the 3D gingerbread houses you build, with sides and a roof. Now all is clear! They look such fun to make and so delicious (and healthy!) to eat! Sweet wee sticking out tongue, too!

    What a great idea for Advent! My two used to make their own calendars, opening each other's picture, but I wish I'd thought of this, too! Can I go back in time and add this to our Christmas fun? If only! For me, that would be the best Christmas present ever!

  17. How fun...I would be the first one down the stairs to see what was on the calendar for the day. :o)

  18. I love, love, love this idea. Desmond has been all hot to make a gingerbread house this year, and I have such mixed feelings about the whole operation, but gingerbread house pancakes I can whole-heartedly, 100%, absolutely get behind. (Also, digging your advent garland.)

  19. Stacy, I appreciate your attention to detail. I was, in fact, the spelling champion of my entire school in the 2nd grade. I know it's tough to live up to. The mimic creme tastes like a nutty/coconutty creme. I think that most of the vegan whipped creams are not 100% loved by every vegan, but we've liked all of them, so far. And thanks!

    panda, thank you very much!

    Ashley, thanks! I hope you find a mold. I think my misto just doesn't cut it for serious non-stick needs.

    Heather, thank you!

    Ingrid, yeah, I think I mainly enjoy my misto when using it to spray roasted asparagus, etc., not when I need something to not stick, etc. Thanks for saying that about my kids.

    sara and Molly, thank you, also, for saying that. Mom compliments are the best.

    Get Skinny, I like to see a variety of things sitting out to choose from.

    Rose, I was saying above I don't really have a problem with the Misto container - maybe it's just that the olive oil or whatever oil sprayed like that doesn't work as well as cooking spray? I don't know. And the first time or two we used Soyatoo we were so frustrated. THEN we realized you have to do several things - like sit it out before use and shake it enough you feel it give inside before you spray it a bit. You can't lose that air before it's ready to go. I read all of the time online about people thinking the Soyatoo doesn't work, but it's because they let the air out before it's ready to come out. Which pains me because we enjoy it so much! I hope you try it again. And thank you for noticing details, as usual!

    bitt, yes, flat pancakes are definitely easier than a house! Thank you!

    Pam, gingerbread house mold: don't remember where I got it, but you can find one through google, I think. Owl pajamas - not sure, maybe Target. Got some at WalMart the other day. AND I ordered her the owl purse from Hearthsong for Christmas. We love owls, too.

    Shen, as usual, I barely know what to say in return. :) As nice as your plan sounds (to you), unfortunately we don't even have a nursery. Baby sleeps with us! 4 in the bed might get crowded. I wouldn't mind having more kids, though, so you're welcome to come aboard. However old you are.

    vavavegan, same to you. Come on into the vegan and so forth family. At least I don't think you'd be hitting on my husband. Thank you for your nice words.

    Gigi, what did you think?

    Penny, yes, I always enjoy the concentrating tongue. And yes, houses are a little more difficult to pull off than pancakes. I'm sure you'll get to have lots of fun when you have grandkids, perhaps?

    Michelle, maybe Tony could make you an Advent calendar? :)

    trina, thank you, thank you! I hope you can find a mold!