Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Halloween Festivities

I don't know what happened to me after October. The weird thing is, I didn't think it was too difficult posting almost everyday last month, and now I'm 14 days into November without a post. I guess if you take away requirements and guidelines in life, I don't operate as well. Therefore, my Halloween post is late and not as relevant. However, I'm posting it, anyway, for record-keeping purposes for my children's sake. And I wanted to acknowledge the awesome blogs who gave me some of our ideas.

Our Halloween Meal:

She has been posting really fun Thanksgiving foods, too, so check out her blog.

I covered the banana pieces in peanut butter, coconut, then used a little frosting to stick on the chocolate chip eye. My kids don't know the term One-Eyed Willy, so they thought of them more as Cyclops Pops.

Everyone was also served a Jack O' Lantern Clementine. Color Wheel Meals gave me the idea for this and the carrot concoction below.

I filled in the holes with hummus and used part of a leek for the stem.

We have only went trick or treating a few times over the years. We usually just go visit my parents and a few of their neighbors. (And we'll attend the parties at the area libraries, dressed up.) This year we actually went up and down a long street because we were collecting candy for our Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory we've been creating as we read the book. In exchange for willingly turning over their bags, I had these boxes waiting for them.

They included Yummy Earth suckers, Endangered Species chocolate bites, a boom Choco boom bar, a Simply Fruit Roll-Up (which I was excited to find at Target but now I don't endorse because I somehow overlooked that they contain sulfites, which we avoid), a Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat, Fork and Beans' Twix Bars...

These things are insane. As in insanely good. I had a little trouble temperature regulating the final product. If I left them out of the fridge, the center had more of a taffy consistency. They tasted better from the fridge. I don't know if this was because I used agave nectar instead of corn syrup.

Regardless, who cares? They were good, and I want to try her other candy bar recipes eventually.

They all each had a Friendly Ghost sugar cookie wrapped in their box,

and a couple of pumpkin cookies. The color of sprinkles makes little sense, I know, but it's what I had, and they're only 11, 6, and 4. My 11 year old did point out that the pumpkins weren't realistic, but what can ya do.

Last night as I was scoping the top of my pantry for something, I found the rest of the Halloween candy I'd ordered from Pangea (like Whizzers, caramel bites, and Eli's bars) and hidden away. I'd completely forgotten about it, which is how my brain works these days. We'll save it for another special occasion soon.

My Mom is always really sweet about having a special treat prepared for the kids, too.

Sugared almonds, pretzels, Back to Nature peanut butter cookies, a glo-stick, and pencils.

My sweet Jedi, Fred Flintstone, and Minnie Mouse approved of all of the above.

I, of course, couldn't waste this dress-up opportunity. No stuffing required!


  1. OMG, everything looks sooooo good--especially those homemade candy bars! Too bad candy thermometers and I don't mix. Truly outstanding spread, and I am happy you're back :).

  2. OMG first of all you all looked SO great! I love the Santa costume, such a cute idea :) The treats all look phenomenal! I love that you made homemade treat boxes for them, they can still indulge without all of the yuckiness they'd be collecting. All of the treats you prepared are so cute but I love the One Eyed WIlly Banana Pops. Those are SO cute and I'm sure they were delicious, along with all of the other festive things you made! Great job! And I totally understand taking a break, MoFo was tough and you certainly have a lot on your (vegan) plate right now, but I agree with Stacy, glad to see you back!

  3. You are so funny — the Santa costume is perfect! I'm glad you posted this so I could see the clever Halloween stuff you did this year. I miss having kids around as an excuse to have all this fun, though I'm pretty sure I wasn't as clever at it as you. Though we did carve some pretty cool pumpkins!

  4. OMG the food all looks great, so fun!!! I love it. And you're hysterical with that costume! Too cute!

  5. Haha, no stuffing required, too funny. I'm sure the candy will be okay for Christmas stockings too, no?
    The carrot+hummus pumpkin is super cute..and the bat a mole! I totally didn't celebrate Halloween as well as I wanted to. Can we try that one again?

  6. Oh, all this could never become less relevant! I love it all! Love it, I say! From the bat mole to the cyclops pops and all the way to the hummus/carrot jack o lantern and ghostly cookies, it's all so clever and super fun!

    Cute little trick or treaters too. I love Fred Flintstone! Great idea. And what can I say? A pregnant Santa, no stuffing required, total lol. Perfect!

  7. Ha ha! Loved your Halloween costume! Too cute ( ; Very creative Halloween snacks as well. I've had making "candy bars" from Forks and Beans on my to-do list for awhile now, need to get those! Yours look good!

  8. YAY! You are back!!!! Okay, I just got the biggest giggle from your's and your kids' costumes. How stinkin' awesome is this post?! All of this food seems so much more fun when kids get to enjoy the benefit of all their hard labor. I ended up just eating everything after I made it and would lay comatose until the food-stuffing pains subsided. Definitely not as cool :) ha! Your kids must think you are the best mom in the world (probably because you *are*)!

  9. Wow, you really had an excellent Halloween! The kids look great and all of that food is so cool! I especially love the pumpkin & hummus. How creative. :)

  10. I should have given my kids their treats in cute boxes instead of simple sandwich bags. Probably would have made it more fun. And, I love the variety you had. Next year I'm going to do better! I love the Fred Flintstone costume the best I think - very retro.

  11. I love seeing what vegan kids do for the holidays. cute eats! i am curious to hear more about this chocolate factory...

    ps: santa is adorable.

  12. Mini Mouse is my favorite. Granted, CoCo Cox-Arquette is cute, but 'R' outshines her by leaps and bounds.

    (You have more energy in your seven months pregnant little finger than I have in my whole non-pregnant body. It's a miracle I can get it together enough to comment on this post).

  13. How fun...I love all the foods...way too cute! :o) I'm coming to your house next Halloween!
    Your kids look so cute, and I totally love your costume!

  14. i love seeing people's halloween costume choices no matter how long ago halloween was. i love yours! so funny. the kids are cute, too.