Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little Sister Vegan Love

My most exciting food discovery this week was:

Beet cookies!

My sister Cary (who is a vegetarian) made them for us. (We were all visiting my brother, who lives halfway between us.) I loved these! They have a really fun (sort of spongey) texture. They are not overly sweet, rather plain like a biscuit, but I just couldn't get enough of them. She got the recipe from Weelicious (a fun kid food site), and she wrote about making them here on her blog.

Speaking of sisters...

I've mentioned before how happy I am that my youngest sister Tracy is vegan again. She is also very good to me. We met up at Whole Foods one day, and she invited us (the two youngest kids and me) back to her house. She made this barbecue chick'n pizza, using Gardein Buffalo Wings (without the sauce that comes with it). She spread pizza sauce on the crust, along with Annie's BBQ sauce. It was delicious, and since then, I've already made another pizza just like it.

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She also invited us over to our Mom and Dad's house one night for homemade spring rolls. She worked all afternoon, chopping the ingredients (such as onion, bell pepper, carrots, cabbage, avocado, basil, cilantro, pineapple and other fruits - maybe pear, etc.). I had never put fruit in a spring roll before, and now I always will. She also had the thin cellophane noodles for the spring rolls, as well.

Doesn't that tofu look amazing? She baked the strips with a peanut sauce she concocted out of peanut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sweet chili and hot chili sauces, and vegetarian hoisin sauce.

It was set up so everyone could make their own spring rolls.

My contribution to the meal was miso soup. That's it right there (next to the peanut dipping sauce). What? Does that not look like soup? Yeah, I clearly put too many noodles in the pot. I planned on the miso liquid to have some tofu chunks, a few spinach leaves, and light on the noodles. It turned into a noodle dish, which was fine because it tasted good.

I'm looking forward to what my sisters make me next.


  1. Oh yum - everything looks delish! Those Gardein Buffalo wings are pretty good. We picked some up a few weeks ago.

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  3. Sorry, reposting:

    That tofu does look amazing. It all looks pretty amazing. I love the sound of those spring rolls with veggies and fruit. LOL about the soup, but I'm sure it was delicious anyway.

  4. Yum...everything looks delish! I'll take that pizza! :o)

  5. The pizza looks great, and oh my gosh, I can almost TASTE the crispy-outer-edges of that tofu!

  6. I didn't know if I made you vegan things, it would end up on the blog. Challenge extended....challenge accepted. Can't wait to come home soon!

  7. I love this blog- I want you to know I've started eating (and feeding Violet) a LOT less meat lately (Violet's only gotten a very little bit of meat so far in her life), and it's partly because of starting to keep up with yours and Cary's blogs (and my sis-in-law is transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and has been asking me about when I was vegan)... it's stirring up again, and I thought you'd like to know to know that you're affecting it! ;)

  8. Jenny, what a fun post! So many good things on here. I think it's so great that you are so close with your siblings. Are your parents vegetarian/vegan as well? I think it's hilarious what happpened to your "soup," and I think it's great that you posted it anyway. :-)

  9. Food and family are always a perfect combination. I had some great baba ganoujh that my little sister made today...though I wouldn't have minded some of those spring rolls too!

  10. I love the baked tofu and spring rolls. David eyes popped at the beet cookies :D

    What a great time for all of you.

  11. Thank you, everyone! You're so sweet, all of you. Kerry! You made my day when I read your comment. I love that.