Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eggplant Bacon

I first heard about Eggplant Bacon from the fabulous Sheri at Green and Crunchy. The recipe is in Matthew Kenney's book, everyday raw. She raved about it, which caught my attention. I thought, "Bummer; I wish I had the recipe." Then it dawned on me...I HAVE that cookbook. I'm a little slow at times.

Anyway, this whole dehydrating thing is a lot of work. I think maybe you just have to get used to it and get into a pattern. I also have to get used to the roar of the machine and waiting so long for my efforts to pay off. I'm always sneaking bites or cutting it off hours before it's recommended.

This recipe basically calls for slicing eggplant, marinading it with different ingredients, and dehydrating. I didn't use the chipotle chili that it called for because I was afraid it would make it too spicy for my kids. I also only let it marinade for 1 hour, rather than 2-3 hours, because I wanted to get it in the dehydrator before I went to bed.

I loved it so much, I'll definitely make it again soon. I'll play around with the spices more next time, too, and maybe buy the chipotle next time to go in it.

This got 8 thumbs up from my family. (Once again, my middle child didn't like it. I was really surprised because I thought he would be the one to eat it up. He generally likes crunchy foods.) My 10 year old snacked on it like crazy.

The best way to eat Eggplant Bacon is by itself so that it retains its crispiness. I put it on a sandwich, and it became rehydrated. It was still yummy, just not crispy. Next time I make it, I'll try it in a salad.

My sandwich: Food for Life brand Gluten-free English muffin, melted Daiya, hemp seeds, artichoke/onion mixture leftover from my Artichoke Pie preparation, mustard, and sliced tomatoes.

My review of these English muffins? The first time I bought them, I let them go bad before we finished the pack. They seemed hard and dry, and I was not impressed. However, I've bought them 2 or 3 times since; I guess they grew on me. Call me crazy; I just like dry, tough bread. Really soft bread loaded with additives and preservatives honestly seems so peculiar to me now. :) I'm the same way with tortilla shells. I always choose the Food for Life gluten-free tortilla shells for myself, as well, and they are also pretty dry.

served with split peas and broccoli

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  1. The dehydrated eggplant looks really good. When I have space, I want to get a dehydrator, but for now I admire from a distance.

    I'm also a fan of Food for Life breads. I only discovered them recently, but I once again enjoy sandwiches.

  2. This sounds like such a great idea; I'm intrigued. I want to take a bite of the picture! I don't have a dehydrator, but I'm thinking that I could use my oven on the lowest setting?

  3. Omg I have seen this recipe in so many books...and actually hate the taste of real bacon. I have heard it's so close to real bacon that's actually why i havent made it LOL. But i know my hubs would LOVE it. And eggplants are so abundant at the farmers mkt. I need to try this finally!

    loved your confessions/truths on my site :)

  4. Oh, thanks for the link love! (though I'm Green & Crunchy, not Vegan Family Inc)

    Your bacon looks marvelous. Am drooling here. I have blown through my stash and MUST MAKE MORE! Also love your sandwich idea -- the eggplant bacon and the Daiya are my fave parts :)

    P.S. I sneak bites from the dehydrator too. ALWAYS :)

  5. Jessica, I wish I had a nicer dehydrator with the pull out trays. Mine is just a cheaper one from Wal-Mart. Rose, I guess you could use the oven just fine. In fact, I'll probably try that because like I said, the dehydrator is loud, and I also can't dehydrate too much at once. And I need to do crackers and eggplant at the same time or whatever. Averie, I don't know if I think it tastes exactly like bacon...it's been about 25 years since I've had bacon! I do like Smart Bacon but am trying to move away from things like that. This definitely cures my craving for that. Maybe since I left the chipotle out - but I thought it had a sweeter taste. Maybe I should use liquid smoke or something. Sheri, sorry, I wasn't sure! I changed the link name. :)

  6. Been seeing eggplant bacon pop up on lots of vegan/raw blogs lately, I'll have to give it a try ( :