Friday, October 18, 2013

Veggie Festivals!

We are so excited about Tampa Bay Veg Fest this weekend! We actually live in a city that has a Veg Fest! Feel happy for us! We have been counting down the days. And it made me think about the Texas State Veggie Fair, which we attended one year ago. I never blogged about it, so here it is. The Texas State Veggie Fair 2013 happens to also be this weekend - Sunday, October 20 in Dallas. We had a nice time - one of the bad things about living in Florida is that I love Texas, and I can't road trip there anymore. As much as I like the vegan food in Tampa, there's nothing like Spiral Diner here.

Here is a little photo journal of our day:

 all day vegan free samples - love!

Tasty Bite was another one of our favorite sample tables, but I didn't get a pic.

Finally - I found a kombucha I liked! I think this was Holy Kombucha. They were giving free samples, otherwise I would have never bought a cup for us to share. I think I've only tried different brands a couple of times before this, and I thought it was disgusting. So maybe I've just been trying the wrong ones? Suggestions? 

 I've forgotten - perhaps this was Spiral Diner?

I'm pretty sure the mac and cheese was Spiral Diner.

 This crust was really good.

These ice cream sandwiches - good idea in theory, but they were impossible to eat. When you took a bite, the icecream just spewed out of it. The cookies were too crisp with the ice cream, and the kids just ended up a sticky mess.

But Deep Fried Cinnamon Rolls
good idea all around.

I did not partake in the corn dogs because...I just's just all too life-like and unappetizing to me. But these are what the kids were probably the most excited about.

Well, except this kid. He was most excited ALL DAY about getting fresh veggie/fruit juice. Poor guy stood in line three times, I think, and every time he made it to the front, the blenders were overheated or something. By the time he got a juice at the end of the day, there was a weird combination of veggies and fruits left, but he was thrilled, regardless.

Kid Yoga!

I've never understood why my kids want to get their faces painted when it is so hot outside! Sounds to me.


And if you are ever in Dallas, 
you have to check out Green Spot!

A healthy gas station/convenience store 
which also includes a cafe!

Someone please expand this idea!
I want more healthy convenience.

 We spent a large amount of time deciding which snacks to take for the car ride.

 Daiya at a gas station!

And best of all...vegan soft serve!!!!

 I'm using a lot of exclamation points in this post!!!!

The kids loved picking their toppings from the topping bar. I bought a Justin's PB cup to break apart into my twist cup in memory of my pre-vegan highschool days. It's what I always ordered at the mall.


Veg Fest will take place at Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park